Thursday, September 15, 2011

Creative and Unique Kitchen Tools

Here is a collection of some Creative gadgets and inventions designed for people who love to cook...

Guitar Cheese Grater
Shredder lets you file down block of cheddar like a real rock star.

Karate Lettuce Chopper
Give your lettuce a swift chop and whip up fresh salad is seconds.

Avocado Cuber
Useful tool designed for cutting uniform-sized cubes of avocado.

Paper Plane Cheese Grater
Food grater in the form of a paper plane designed by Liviana Osti.

Easy Twist Jar Opener
The rubber grips onto the lid as the soft handle cushions your hand and absorbs pressure. Open any size jar effortlessly!

Coop Egg Caddy
Useful invention makes boiling and poaching eggs very easy.

Beer Can Dispenser
Beer Hour dispenser will help you pour canned beer without spills.

Milky Moo Milk Head
Cow inspired universal cap fits most standard plastic milk jugs.

Lemon Press
Squeeze exactly the amount of juice you desire, free of seeds.

Darth Vader Spatula
Star Wars inspired spatula looks like the fearsome Darth Vader.

Pot Handle Grips
Silicone handle grips will protect your hands from getting burned.

Quick Snap Ice Tray
Easy release ice tray with unique switch mechanism on the bottom.

Herb Mill
Simple wrist-twist motion activates sharp blades that will quickly mince even large quantities of herbs.

Onion Holder and Odor Remover
Slice like a pro without risking a cut. This grip also comes with stainless steel bar that removes onion smell.

Corn Zipper
Quickly strips kernels from ears of corn and helps protect fingers.

Watermelon Knife
Fun and functional knife with green handle and red blade decorated with a whimsical seed cut-out design.

Garlic Rocker
Brilliantly designed kitchen tool for crushing and mincing garlic.

Tea Rex Tea Infuser
Dinosaur is ready to eat tea leaves and brew the perfect cup of tea.

Banana Slicer
Just one press onto the peeled fruit produces evenly sliced pieces.

Knuckle Meat Tenderizer
Aluminum alloy meat tenderizer with brass-knuckle inspired grip.

Angry Chef Paper Towel Holder
Creative paper towel holder designed to look like chef’s knife.

Leaf Spoon
Beautiful kitchen utensil inspired by the organic shapes of nature.

Panda Frying Pan
Cute and adorable panda is detailed on outside of the frying pan.

Knife Sharpener
AccuSharp lets you quickly sharpen a wide variety of bladed tools.

Knuckle Corkscrew
Looks like a weapon, but it is really just an awesome corkscrew.

Batter Finger
Creative spatula will help stir and scrape cake and cookie batter.

Han Solo in Carbonite Ice Tray
Clever ice cube tray will make a perfect gift for any Star Wars fan.

Bubble Scrubber
Fun and useful brush may even inspire the kids to do the dishes.

Jar Tops
Now you can transform generic glass jars into useful kitchenware.

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