Wednesday, October 12, 2011

12 Unusual and Creative Wallets

The most creative and innovative modern wallets designed to help you carry your money, credit cards and identification documents in style.

Money Wallet
Stylish wallet looks like a stack of one hundred dollar bills.

NES Controller Wallet
Super slim wallet made from duct tape with silver background.

Bacon Wallet
This delicious looking wallet is perfect for any bacon lover.

Gun Holster Wallet
Creative modern wallet designed to look like a gun holster.

Recycled Tire Wallet
Cool rubber wallet created from recycled mountain bike tire.

Wooden Wallet
Unusual wallet uses credit cards as a lid for money bills.

Wallet 2.0
Flip-top wallet includes transparent compartments for different items.

Photo Frame Wallet
Now you can carry up to 60 digital photos inside your wallet, thanks to the built-in digital photo viewer.

Flip side Wallet
RFID shielded wallet keeps your credit cards locked up and secure.

Aluminum Wallet
Hard enough to withstand a nuclear strike, this wallet holds a wad of money and still has enough room for ten credit cards.

Waterproof Wallet
Bendable wallet from Dosh looks cool and is waterproof.

Mattress Wallet
Wallet for people that like to hide money under their mattress.

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