Friday, January 14, 2011

Helicopter Carries a Plane in Moscow

Children often ask something like “Mommy, who would win - helicopter or plane?”. Those guys from Moscow could give the answer easily to such a question showing how powerful helicopters are - they easily can move whole planes from place to place.

Human Magnet Contest in Vietnam

I'm sure you have at least one friend that claims he is a spring ofmagnetic energy, just because he can balance a spoon on the tip of his nose, but in Vietnam,this kind of phenomenon is taken seriously.
During a ceremony to celebrate 12 years since the inauguration of the Vietnamese department for the research and study of energy, human magnets from all over Vietnam gathered in Hanoi, to show off their skills. Men and women covered with spoons, forks, dinner plates and metal weights walked around proudly, displaying their powers.
The most impressive of them all was Ta Quang Thanh, who managed to keep a 42 kilogram stone slab, stuck to his body, thus breaking all national records.

10 interesting facts to know about Jeans

1. The Jeans were named after Genoese sailor from Italy because they wore clothes made of a blue fabric of cotton, and linen and wool blend. The word denim came from the name of a French material that is found in a town called De Nimes in France.
2. Initially jeans were not made from Cotton. In the 18th century, as trade and cotton plantations boomed, cotton become the apt choice. Workers wore jeans because the material was very durable. It was usually dyed with indigo, which was taken from plantations in the Americas and India.
3. In 1853, German Hewish dry goods merchant Levi Strauss started selling blue jeans under the name Levis in San Francisco. In 1891, Levi Strauss & Co is patent for jeans with rivets went public and many companies began to adopt a similar concept.
4. During the Second World War, jeans (called overalls at that time) got introduced to the world by American Soldiers, who usually wore them when they were off-duty.
5. The late Hollywood actor James Dean popularised jeans when he starred in the movie, Rebel without a Cause. Thus, Jeans became a symbol of youth rebellion during the 1950s in America. Teens who wore Jeans, were banned from restaurant, Theatre and Schools.
6. Skinny Jeans “ These look best on slender women with long legs. Because of their clingy nature, they accentuate the hips and bottom. Boot-CUT Jeans “ These are tight till the knee and then flare out slightly till the hem. The wider hem takes the attention away from a larger waist, hips and things. Low-Rise Jean “ Also Called low riders, these sit just below your hips. If you want to flaunt your flat stomach, these are the jeans or you. Boyfriend Jeans “ These are perfect for women who are rectangular in shape. The loose leg, Slouchy waist and large pockets are flattering on healthier bodies. Capris “ These jeans end at the mid-calf or just below the calf, and are very popular among women of all age groups. They are usually meant to be worn in the summer.
7. Tips For Buying Good Fitting Jeans “ Avoid focusing on just size. You need to pay attention to the fit too.
- Do not Choose jeans that are too bulky or baggy.
- Make sure that back pockets do not add bulk or make your bottom look too large because of any embroidered designs or embellishments.
8. May 20 is considered to be the birthday of blue jeans.
9. In India, trousers made of denim which were worn by the sailors of Dhunga came to be known as dungarees.
10. Jeans are the world's most sought after casual wear. Over 200 pairs of jeans can be made from a bale of cotton.

Insects Out of Human Hair by Adrienne Antonson Makes

Inspired by the bizarre behaviors and ingenious evolutionary developments of the insect world, Adrienne chose hair as the perfect medium for her little bugs. She has always been fascinated by its historical implications and various uses across man's history, and as a person interested in sustainable and self-supporting systems, she decided it was perfect for the job. Obviously, the whole attraction/repulsion theme was also very intriguing.
Adrienne does not use any other hair to create her intricate insects, she only uses her own and the hair of her close friends and family. This way the meticulous process of creating hair insects becomes much more intimate and makes her feel like she is connected to her close ones, through her work.

Though it may not appear so, the artist only uses human hair and glue to create her impressive insects, but a look through the magnifying glass reveals their complexity and the amount of work she puts into every one of her bugs. Some of them look so real you are just waiting for them to jump of fly off, while some are clear figments of her imagination, but all of Adrienne's hair insects are equally fascinating.

Monkey Buffet Festival - A Monkey's Party

Macaques eat at a buffet during the Lop Buri Monkey Festival at a temple in Thailand.

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