Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The world's best flying machines

Boeing C-17 - Bigger, Higher, Faster. All in All The world's best flying machines...

Boeing C-17 is a large military transport aircraft.

McDonnell Douglas developed the aircraft for the United States Air Force from the 1980s to the early 1990s.

It can airlift cargo fairly close to a battle area.

Boeing C-17 paradropping cargo.

A C-17 also accompanies the President of the United States on his visits to both domestic and foreign arrangements, consultations, and meetings. The C-17 is used to transport the Presidential Limousine and security detachments.

The Indian Air Force is in the process of acquiring 10 C-17 heavy transports from Boeing.

Boeing C-17 fires flares during a maneuver.

Inside a Boeing C-17.

Boeing C-17 takes off from a rough strip.

Against a hazy background, the Boeing C-17 stands on the tarmac.

The C-17 can operate from unpaved, unimproved runways as well.

9 Tallest Skyscrapers around the world

Burj Khalifa

Two International Finance Center

Taipei 101

Petronas Towers

Jin Mao Tower

Willis Tower

Shanghai World Financial Center

Guangzhou TV & Sightseeing Tower

Empire State Building

COWISM of the new economy...

Emerging 'isms' of the new economy...

You have a 1000 poor cows. You put them on a nice campus, & send them one at a time to the US for milking.

You have 10 cows. You make them work so that they give milk of 100 cows

GE has a cow. You take 49% of the milk.

Intel has a Goat. Samsung has a Camel. Buy milk from both & sell it as Cow's milk.

You have fat cows all across the Globe. Recently realised Indian cows produce quality milk and more importantly eat less.....

You have old stubborn cows. You sell them as pet dogs to innocent small businessmen.

You have a cow. Force the world to buy milk from you. Spend a million dollars to feed poorer cows.

You have a bull. It doesn't give milk. You hate Microsoft.

You have a cow. You don't know which side to milk, so you sell tools to help milk cows.

You don't have a cow You sell milking solutions for cows implemented by milking consultants.

You have a cow. You sell iMilk.

You have a cow. You spend $50 mn to develop the world's thinnest milk.

Welcome to Citibank. If you have a cow, press 1. If you have a bull, press 2...stay on line if you'd like our customer care to milk it for you.

You don't know if what you have is a cow. You sell complete milking solutions through authorised resellers only.

You have a donkey. People think you have a 100-year old cow. If someone finds out, that's his imagination at work.

You don't yet have a cow. You sell empty cans to people for Rs. 501, because Dhirubhai wanted everyone to have milk.

You have 10,000 poor cows, you hire them, you milk them max possible, you rate them at 4. They'll run away someday, Hire new cows again........

A Road Through the Snow in Japan...

These are Japanese mountains 300 meters above the sea level. Winter here lasts from November to April with the snow layer at times reaching 20 meters. A clear road runs through snow layers.

The Unusual Wet Monday tradition in Ukraine....

Known as an ancient tradition, in central-European countries like Poland and the Czech Republic, Wet Monday appears to be very popular in Ukraine, as well. It takes place on the second day of Easter.
Wet Monday started out, in Poland,as a pagan custom that symbolize cleansing, with the coming of Spring. When Christianity became the main religion, Wet Monday was adopted as a Christian ritual, related to cleansing souls of sins. The truth is people loved this tradition so much, they found a way to keep it, by associating it with religion. The photos below were taken on Wet Monday, in the Ukrainian city of Lviv.