Wednesday, May 18, 2011

World's 15 most unique bus stops

Can you imagine bus stops to be swanky and striking? Can you believe that bus stops canactuallybe attractive and entertaining hotspots? While in India, most bus stops and terminals are dirty and still lack basic amenities, here's how other nations have built superb bus stops creatively.

1. Bus stop in California, US

Designed by artist Dennis Oppenheim, this 50-feet structure in California represents an artistic transition of a bus into a home.

2. Bus stop Curitiba, Brazil
Curitiba has excellent infrastructure making bus journeys faster and convenient.

3. Tomato-shaped bus stop, Japan
The tomato-shaped bus stop was built during the Travel Expo show in 1990 for travellers coming to the Nagasaki Prefecture.

4. Air-conditioned bus stop, Dubai
Dubai has some air-conditioned bus stops to make travelling comfortable during the hot summer season.

5. Bus stop with a swing, London
Designed by artist Bruno Taylor, this is a unique attempt to entertain people waiting for a bus. Several bus stops in London have swings.

6. 'School bus' stop, Georgia
Abus stop in in Athens, in the US state of Georgia, is made from old parts of a school bus.

7. Green roof bus stop, UK
This bus stop with a green grass roof is in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England.

8. Bus stop with a hammock, Vancouver
There can't be a better way to relax while waiting for a bus.
9. Bus stop at Yosemite Falls, California
This impressive bus stop made of stones is designed by landscape architect Lawrence Halprin.
10. Wi-fi bus stop, San Francisco
Bus stops in San Francisco are hi-tech. They are built with solar panels to produce electricity and offer wi-fi connectivity. San Francisco plans to build over 1000 solar-powered bus stops by 2013.

11. Bus stop in Seattle, US
This bus stop in Seattle has a contemporary look.

12. Bus stop in Salinas, Puerto Rico
This colourful bus stop is an attractive place for travellers.

13. Weighing scale bus stop, Rotterdam
You just need to sit on the bench to check your weight. The weight is displayed on the board. A health club chain called Fitness First has introduced this in Rotterdam.

14. Watermelon-shaped bus stop, Japan
This watermelon-shaped bus stop is in Ishaya, Japan. Several domes resembling different types of fruits have been set up in Japan.

15. Bus stop in Wellington, New Zealand
This is an attractive bus stop in Wellington.

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