Monday, May 23, 2011

Human makes mistake... but how come like this Accidents!

10 World's most beautiful routes to travel

1. Western Desert, Egypt
This place is located in between from Cairo to Egypt. There are many beautiful oases too as Dhakla, Kharga and Siwa that will make your trip more interesting. Moreover the running river Nile parallel to your way will definitely make your trip adventurous and eye-catching.

2. The Seward Highway
It is situated in Alaska. Here you will come across to see exotic waterfalls, greenery, faunas and floras that are covered all the way. The scene looks more beautiful when cattles are grazing in the green fields and you will enjoy looking up this exquisite scene.

3. Transfagarasan road, Romania
This wavy road is surrounded by green tress and fields; also a famous vampire history is connected with it. Supercilious hills will make your trip a great fun.

4. Icefields Parkway, Alberta, Canada
As name shows that this place is truly an icy cool place, hills topped with ice, greenery, mountains, and eye catching routes. Wild life is amazing there as Bears, Moose, Elks; blue waters will make you say wonderful!

5. Alsace Wine Route, France
This beautiful rural place is filled with natural beauty as Rhenan plains, sky touching Vosges Mountains, and villages will make you feel gracious with every thing. This spot is loved by vine lovers as it is splendid in tasty vine.

6. The Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia
Here you will see an amazing combination of sky and sea. Snow topped mountain hills and vegetation will make your route look marvelous. Other sites are Cape Breton Islands National Park and Margaree Valley that are truly astounding.

7. Grossglocknerstrasse, Austria
This mountain range is situated in Austria and there you can enjoy this miraculous journey by car. Beautiful meadows, vegetation, faunas and floras have made this location truly spectacular.

8. The Vermont Route, Newport, Vermont
The route is truly incredible as lots of inns, pubs, hotels, greenery, maintains, meadows have covered all the way that will make you feel better then ever before.

9. Highway 94, New Zealand
This route is present from Milford through Fiordland. You can enjoy vegetation, waterfalls, snooty hills and this drive will make you forget whole day’s tiresome drill.

10. Munnar Road, Kerala
This hill station is just like paradise on earth. Snow topped mountain hills, unique faunas and floras, and fogy cloudy whether will make your drive full of enjoyment and excitement.