Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fashionable but really rare creative Rings

Ring is a band worn as a type of ornamental jewelery around a finger. Rings are worn by both men and women and can be of any quality. Rings can be made of metal, plastic, wood, bone, glass, gemstone and other materials. They may be set with a “stone” of some sort, which is often a precious or semi-precious gemstone such as ruby, sapphire or emerald, but can also be of almost any material. It’s the way to express yourself. These rings are really creative and it was made with style.

14 Creative Mix Pics...

3 Animal cities Drawing by WWF

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14 Portraits of authors made using their own words...

Walt Whitman as "Leaves of Grass"

Ibsen as "Hedda Gabler"

Borges as "The Secret Miracle"

G. B. Shaw as "Arms and the Man"

R.P. Warren as "Audubon/A Vision"

Robert Lowell as "History"

John Keats as "Lamia"

James Joyce as "Ulysses"

Dante as "The Inferno"

Wm. Faulkner as "The Sound and the Fury"

James Tate as "Riven Doggeries"

Longfellow as "Psalm of Life"

Eudora Welty as "Powerhouse"

Barack Obama as "A More Perfect Union"