Sunday, July 3, 2011

World Body Painting Festival - Austria

The world body painting festival in Austria is one of the biggest art show in the body painting theme. Since its inception in 1998, visitors have flocked to the event to admire the wild works of artists from over 40 nations worldwide. It draws the best two hundred body painting artist teams and models, as well as tens of thousands of visitors, from all over the world every year.

The festival lasts a week, of which the first four days consist of over thirty special workshops and lessons run by the WBF Academy, and the last three days consist of the actual festival event in the body paint city. The artists compete in many categories such as brush and sponge, airbrush, and special effects. At night time there is also a special UV effects contest giving the title for World Champion in UV bodypainting effects. There is a World Facepainting Award and a special award for special effects face make up.

Usually, the subject's body is usually completely naked, save for a very short bikini or a G-string. Among other things, a great body painting job is measured how effectively the artist hides the the private parts of the subject. Take a look at some more photo from this Body painting Festival...

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