Saturday, July 9, 2011

Beautiful Cottages Around the World

Skype's Stylish New Office at Stockholm

Buddhist Mandalas From Around The World

The Dalai Lama is in Washington D.C , USA from July 6-16, leading a gathering of thousands of Buddhists through the "Kalachakra for World Peace." Central to the kalachakra ritual is the design and creation of a mandala.

Central to the bestowing of the Kalachakra initiation is the creation of a mandala. "Mandala" literally means "center and circumference" and in the tantric context connotes a circular diagram symbolizing a universe with a deity in the center of his or her palace complete with entourage, gatekeepers, and a surrounding environment. Mandalas are painted on cloth and temple walls, created from colored sand, or fashioned from wood, stone or colored threads.

Tibetan Buddhist monks work on a mandala at the Smithsonian Arthur M. Sackler Gallery in Washington, DC, USA.

A Tibetan monk works on creating a mandala at the Broward County Main Library in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

A monk from the Drepung Loseling Monastery in Tibet works on a mandala at the National Mall in Washington, DC.

Lama Karma Tenzin, a Bhutanese monk, creates a sand mandala at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York.

Tibetan nuns pray in Hamburg's ethnographical Museum, in front of a mandala made of colored sand.

Tibetan Buddhist monks prepare a mandala during an exhibition at the Thank You India Festival in Bangalore.

Maroon-robed Buddhist monks spread colored sand across a mandala at Washington's Arthur M. Sackler Gallery to help explain a 1,000-year-old system of medicine.

Tibetan monks create a mandala at the Prague Museum, Czech Republic.

Four Tibetan nuns create a mandala at the Overseas Museum in Bremen, northern Germany,

A Buddhist monk from Gyudmed Monastery creates a mandala in a museum in Rostov-on-Don, about 1,000 kilometers south of Moscow.

South Sudan celebrates its birth

South Sudan officially became the world's newest nation at a ceremony of independence in the capital, Juba, attended by international dignitaries and tens of thousands of people.

Later in the morning, tens of thousands of South Sudanese gathered to witness the formal birth of their nation in Juba, some climbing up trees to get a good view of the events. They waited for hours in the baking heat for the ceremony to start.

Some dressed up for the celebration. This man painted the flag of the new country - the former emblem of the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) - on his head.

SPLA soldiers wounded in the civil war, in which some 1.5 million died, marched in a parade as part of the events to mark the historic day.

After the parliamentary speaker read the formal declaration of independence of South Sudan, people were emotional as they watched the new country's giant flag being raised as that of Sudan was lowered.

The crowd also sang the new national anthem, which has been blaring for weeks on South Sudanese radio for people to learn the words.

Salva Kiir (L) then signed the new constitution and took his oath of office as South Sudan's president. Next to him stood his Sudanese counterpart Omar al-Bashir (R), who later told the crowd: "The will of the people of the south has to be respected."

During the ceremony, a statue of John Garang was unveiled. Mr Garang died in a helicopter crash within months of signing the 2005 peace deal with the north and is regarded as the father of South Sudan.

"A happy day like this should not dwell on bad memories. But it is important to remember that for many generations this land has seen much suffering," Mr Kiir said in his speech.

Top 10 Best WWE Wrestlers In 2011

WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) is the leader of professional wrestling sport! And has millions and millions of viewers throughout the globe. It features the ultimate super stars of the world that rock the ring, with their awesome tactics and wrestling skills. WWE have massive fan’s crowd and spectators while tournaments at auditoriums.
Let me tell you some important stats about the WWE that they have more than 585 employees working under it excluding the wrestlers plus their yearly revenue is $477.7 million in the year 2010. The CEO Vince McMahon works a lot with his family for the promotion and success of WWE.
Here we have this post about the top 10 wrestlers of the year 2011.

10. Jack Swagger

09. Triple H

08. Chris Jericho

07. Shawn Michael

06. Edge

05. The Miz

04. Kane

03. Undertaker

02. Randy Orton

01. John Cena