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8 spooky ghost towns in the world

These towns are'nt actually haunted (though one claims to be), instead they re abandoned; once bustling locales full of people that now stand deserted. One was shut down after a nuclear explosion, another was left vacant because it was on fire for 20 years... and all are frankly a bit spooky.

1. Kolmanskop

Where is it?
Southern Namibia

Why is it abandoned?
This small desert town was built with diamond money in the early 20th century and was noted for its debauchery. But when the nearby mine stopped producing sparklers after World War 1, the folks moved out and by the 1950s the town was deserted. Sand and lots of it moved in.

Can I visit?
You can, though you need a permit from the nearby town of Luderitz. Nonetheless the towns eerie buildings, now half-buried in the desert, proved popular with tourists.

2. San Zhi Pool City

Where is it? 
Northern Taiwan

Why is it abandoned?
Its a ghost town… literally. Legend has it this futurist pod village, which was built as a luxury holiday retreat for Tawains rich, is haunted by the ghosts of construction workers who died while building it.
The story goes that there were so many accidents, production stopped permanently, with just the rusting pods remaining. Spooky.

Can I visit?
According to travel bloggers its possible to just walk into the complex and wander around the abandoned buildings. Watch out for ghosts!

3. Tyneham

Where is it? 
Dorset, the UK

Why is it abandoned?
Because the Ministry of Defense stole it. Back in 1943 the MoD commandeered this picturesque village for Our Boys to use as a firing range. The locals were promised their houses back after the war, but to this day its still owned by the army. Only a few crumbling and bullet-ridden buildings remain. Known as the village that Dorset lost.

Can I visit?
Its still used as a firing range today so access is limited, but you can visit on most weekends and select weekdays during holiday season.

4. Craco

Where is it? 
South Italy.

Why is it abandoned?
Earthquakes and landslides.Back in the 19th century this was a bustling town, but poor farming conditions forced much of the population to relocate, before a punishing sequence of seismic activity did for the rest in the 60s and 70s. It looks so battered nowadays it doubled as biblical Jerusalem in Mel Gibsons 'The Passion of The Christ'.

Can I visit?
There are regular excursions to the town, though the area is'nt the most tourist-friendly apparently, with not much English spoken in the region.

5. Centralia

Where is it?
Pennsylvania, USA

Why is it abandoned?
Because it was on fire.In the 60s this was a small but thriving mining town.
Then some, er, bright spark decided to burn rubbish in one of its abandoned mines.
The flames hit an exposed vein of (highly flammable) anthracite coal and soon much of the fuel under the town was on fire. Over the next two decades many unsuccessful attempts were made to extinguish the flames, but eventually the exhausted authorities just moved out most of the residents.
The fires still burning to this day.

Can I visit?
There is nothing stopping you, as several major routes run through the town.
However the town is littered with ‘danger signs warning visitors about toxic gas and subsidence, so you might want to give it a miss.

6. Kadykchan

Where is it? 

Why is it abandoned?
This creepy coal mining town went into swift decline after the collapse of the USSR.
A drop in demand for the fuel, plus a horrific mining accident in 1996 saw authorities abandon the area, leaving it without schools, doctors and even running water.
Thousands of residents moved to places that still had access to these luxuries, and by 2008 the 10,000-strong population had dwindled to just 200.

Can I visit?
Technically yes, but were not sure why you want to.
Described as ‘Chernobyl without the radiation by one travel blogger, this is a dangerous place made even spookier by the fact it was apparently built by Gulag prisoners during World War 2. Not exactly honeymoon material.

7. Varosha

Where is it?
A district of Famagusta in Cyprus

Why is it abandoned?
Because it was invaded by Turkey in 1974. Before that Famagusta was one of the most popular tourist hotspots on earth - Elizabeth Taylor even stayed there. But when Turkish tanks rolled in, the entire population fled and the invaders fenced off the Varosha quarter, allowing no-one in.
The areas bars, high-rise hotels and up-market restaurants are now crumbling, as nature slowly retakes the region.

Can I visit?
No. The district is still in the UN buffer zone between Cyprus and Turkey, but in Famagusta itself bus tours do go near the region.

8. Prypiat

Where is it?
The Kiev Oblast province in Ukraine.

Why is it abandoned?
The city was built to house workers of the Chernobyl Nuclear plant in the 1970s… and we all know what happened next. After the meltdown in 1986 a 19 mile exclusion area (the Zone of Alienation) was set-up around the city, though a few residents resolutely decided to stay put.

Can I visit?
For years the area was strictly of-limits to travellers, but amazingly there are now several companies offering tourists trips there.

22 Creative and Unusual Candles

Collection of modern candles and unusual candle designs that will help you set the mood in style.

Money to Burn Candle
Burning money in this economy would seem a bit absurd, unless you were using a Money to Burn Candle.

5 Minute Candles
Designed to look like an ordinary book of matches, each package contains 10 small candles.

Cool candle with extremely flat design reveals its inner wick structure that defines the path through which the fire will travel.

Bleeding Candle
They look like ordinary candles until they are lit. Then, as they melt, they ooze bloody wax down their sides.

Beer Scented Candle
Guys will love the fresh brewery fragrance that smells just like a cold one! Full scent concentration used throughout, so the candle smells just as good each time you burn it.

Electronic Candle
Aram Bartholl has used a combination of resistance wire, copper wire, switch, and 12V power transformer to light a candle.

Coffee Cup Candle
Unique candle design by Denis Belenko looks like a cup of coffee.

80 Hour Candle
The festive Red Cinnamon scented 80 Hour candle allows you to set the amount of time it burns before it automatically extinguishes itself.

LED Blow On-Off Candles
Regular candles will blow out if you blow on the flame, but these LED candles will also blow on.

Explosive Candles
Candles in shape of real bombs and dynamites. Made in Russia.

LEGO Candle
Burn those memories of childhood brightly with LEGO brick candles.

Chalkboard Candle
Hand-poured in Los Angeles with 100% unscented soy wax. All candles come gift boxed with a chalk pack.

Cappuccino Coffee Candle
Fill your rooms with the delightful fragrance of cappuccino from this scented candle. The neutral colour tones and funky style means it will fit in with most rooms and add a modern twist.

Swiss Cheese Candle
Swiss Cheese candle looks delicious!

Fried Egg Candle
Unusual candle that looks like a fried egg.

Hand Gesture Candles
Creative candles from Atelier WM. The burn time of each candle is approximately 3 hours.

Sushi Candles
Sushi candle set comes with 4 pieces of sushi plus a side of wasabi and pickled ginger.

Rock Candles
Don’t Be Left in the Dark. Buy a Rock and See the Lite!

Light Bulb Candle
This light bulb does not require any electricity to work…

Melt Candle
Helvetica inspired Melt candle is made from Brazilian beeswax.

Cake Candles
Creative cake candles are perfect for a birthday party.

BIC Lighter Candle
An exact wax cast of the Bic disposable lighter.

10 foods that help prevent pimples

Acne is a skin condition that causes whiteheads, blackheads, and inflamed red growths (papules, pustules, and cysts) to form. These growths are commonly called pimples or "zits."

1. Watermelon is very useful for removing blemishes on the skin. It is rich in vitamins A, B and C and keeps the skin fresh, radiant and hydrated. It also prevents eruption of acne and remove scars and marks of acne.

2. Olive oil lotion absorbs into skin without clogging pores, allowing skin to breathe which in turn help prevent acne.

3. Lemon juice helps in eliminating acid waste and cleansing the liver with citric acid and building up enzymes to eliminate blood toxins. It also flushes out pores and keeps your skin feeling fresh and bright.

4. Eating a balanced diet is the best way to have a healthy skin. Low-fat dairy product consists of vitamin A, which is one of the most important components of healthy skin.

5. Raspberries are a healthy as they are loaded with vitamins, antioxidants and fiber. These are rich in phytochemicals that are protective of skin.

6. Yogurt has antifungal and antibacterial qualities, so it is useful for cleansing the skin and unblocking clogged pores.

7. Eating walnuts regularly help to improve the smoothness and softness of the skin. Walnuts oils contain linoleic acid, which helps to maintain the skin’s structure, keeping it watertight and well hydrated.

8. Dietary selenium comes from nuts, cereals etc. Some studies show that even skin damaged by the sun may suffer fewer consequences if selenium levels are high.

9. Apples contain lots of pectin and it is the enemy of the acne. So, remember to eat the skin too as pectin is mostly concentrated there.

10. Water carries nutrition and oxygen to your internal body, keeping organs nourished, vital, and fit to fight acne.

15 Costliest things in the world

In this 21st century, there are lot of rich people who wants to be different from other ordinary people. So many company have started making products which cost very high then the original one. And these rich people are ready to buy them no matter it's worth the purpose. Here is a list of some 15 product which cost very high. Take a look...

Most expensive cocktail: 15,250 pounds a pop

The world's most expensive cocktail contains a diamond ring instead of an olive! The drink, created by Harvey Nichols in Manchester, has to be escorted to diner's tables flanked by security guards. The dazzle cocktail contains a six and a half carrot pink tourmaline and diamond ring set in 18-carrot white gold. The drink was the brainchild of senior bartender Jay Malik, 24, who was asked to devise a drink to fit with the restaurant's Pink Dinners month. A special safe has been brought in for the bar to keep the rings in and customers can choose any ring they want from the range - the most expensive being a 27,000 pounds sterling two-carrot engagement ring.

Most expensive shoes: 1 million pounds

Would you feel like a princess or what when you wear something worth 1m pounds? The most expensive shoes in the world were on sale at Harrods in London. After a photo-call for the press, the shoes were locked away in a bullet-proof case where they will be guarded round-the-clock. The shoes, inspired by the ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz, were woven from platinum thread and set with 642 rubies. They were designed by Stuart Weitzman.

Most expensive hair cut: 1,925 pounds

If you want London stylist Lee Stafford to cut your hair, make sure you are extra loaded. He calls it a "couture cut". And the only place where you can get one is his house. Champagne, hors d'oeuvres and a follow-up trim as part of the package.

Most expensive house: 70 million pounds

This one is hardly a secret: The infamously lavish new estate in England known as Updown Court in Windlesham, north Surrey. 103 rooms, 58 acres, a private helipad, five swimming pools. put the mansion at the top of its list of "the priciest residences on the planet" which are for sale.

Most expensive tea bag: 7,500 pounds

To celebrate PG Tips 75th birthday, Boodles jewelers produced this tea bag. It took three months to make and has been hand-crafted using 280 diamonds. Pete Harbour, spokesman for PG Tips has been quoted: "As it's our 75th birthday, we wanted to do something special to remind people just how much they love the great British cup of tea."

Most expensive jeans: Over $ 4,000

They wanted to be "the Mercedes-Benz, the Maybach of the denim industry". And APO jeans have done just that with a pair costing as much as $ 4,000 or more. They offer mens and ladies jeans with Silver Buttons and Rivets at $1,000, 14k White or Yellow Gold Button and Rivets at $1,500, Platinum Button and Rivets at $3,250, and the Diamond Button and Rivets start at $4,000. All Jeans will come with Authenticity Number as well as an Appraisal Sheet from a top Jeweler in the NY diamond district. Of course, you could buy the economy version: they run only $1,000 a pair. APO jeans are constructed from denim woven in India that costs $40 a yard, compared with the $2- to $3-per-yard cost of materials for most designer denim. Buttons and rivets are made with precious metals or, if a customer is willing to shell out $4,000 or more, up to a dozen white diamonds on the main button.

Most expensive watch: $11 million

One of the most complicated watches ever made, it also became the most expensive watch ever sold when it was hammered down for $11 million at Sotheby's. The gold pocket watch features 24 complications, (Complications are mechanical functions of the watch other than the hours, minutes and seconds.)

Most expensive phone: 28, 000 pounds

Peter Aloisson, who makes phones covered in gold and diamonds for affluent clients, is the man responsible for making the most expensive phone ever. It costs more than a BMW 3-series convertible, or a Jaguar S-Type. A Motorola covered in 1200 diamonds and featuring a keyboard soaked in 18-carat gold, the phone is priced at 28, 000 pound sterling. The new phone beat the previous record held by another Aloisson 'Diamante' phone - an identical model featuring a paltry 950 diamonds laid into the gold bodywork. That phone retailed for 23, 000 pound sterling. "The people who buy my phones don't have to worry about security - they all have bodyguards," he told UK tabloid The Sun.

Most expensive nail polish: $250

How special could you feel by wearing sheer nail polish that has platinum dust in it? And how many people would be mad enough to do that? Many! The 'I Do' polish, the most expensive in the world, is a collaboration by Allure magazine, platinum supplier Johnson Matthey, PGI and Essie Cosmetics. The polish costs $250 per bottle. However, the first bottle was displayed in special bottle made with a platinum top and base that is valued at $55,000.

Most expensive tie: 1 crore

When fully dressed Salman Khan paraded on a red ramp displaying the most expensive tie in the world, the picture was splashed all over the globe. The tie, studded with 261 diamonds of 77 carat each and made of pure silk with 150 grams of gold, is priced at a whopping Rs 1 crore. It is designed by Satya Paul and the Suashish Diamond group.

Most expensive perfume: 47,500 pounds

At 47,500 pound sterling, it is the world's most expensive perfume. Indeed, the best things come in small packages. The fragrance, created by renowned British perfumer Arthur Burnham, is held in a 4 in bottle made with platinum, 24 carat gold, rubies and diamonds.
Encasing the bottle is a very special box constructed by Rolls-Royce coach builders, locked with a gold and jewel-studded key. Inspired by the Rolls-Royce Phantom Six, it is called Parfum VI. Who pays pounds 47,500 for a bottle of perfume? Michael Jackson has ordered two and Mike Tyson three. Only 173 are being made.

Most expensive pen: $265,000

Swiss company Caran d'Ache made 'La Modernista Diamonds' a pen that was sold in Harrods, London, for $265,000. Created in memory of architect Antonio Gaudi, the rhodium-coated solid silver pen has an 18-karat gold pen point and is pave-set with 5,072 diamonds and 96 half-cut rubies.

Most expensive work of art: $104 million

A masterpiece by Pablo Picasso, painted in 1905 when he was just 24 years old, became the most expensive piece of art ever sold when it went under the hammer at Sotheby's in New York for $104m. The painting, Garcon a la Pipe (Boy with a Pipe) is one of the most important early works by the artist ever to appear on the market.

Most expensive truffle: 28,000 pounds for 1.88 lbs

An expensive little Italian restaurant in Knightsbridge, Zafferano bought the most expensive truffle in the world. For how much? Just take a deep breath! Zefferano paid 28,000 for just 1.88 lbs of Italian white truffle during a charity auction in Tuscany.

Most expensive teddy bear: Price: $ 41,347.08

Silk and find mohair give the 125 Karat Teddy bear a unique sheen. Golden threads are hand-knotted in the fur. Eyes are set in yellow gold and are made of sapphire cabochons, surrounded by diamonds. The ear button is 24 karat gold. The Teddy is 50 cm tall and has a growler. The teddy bear was made to pay homage to Margarete Steiff, 125 years after her start with a fabric elephant pin cushion so many years ago.