Tuesday, August 16, 2011

22 Creative beer and Beverage Drinking Gadgets

Collection of useful drinking gadgets and creative inventions that makes our lifestyle cool and unique... Especially for people who love beer more than any thing.

Submachine Gun Beer Bong
Take down your guests in a merciless assault of tasty beer.

Bottle Top
Bottle tops turn your can into a spill-proof bottle. Just snap onto the top and enjoy your favorite beverage without spills.

Roll ‘n Pour
Rocking beverage server helps you pour beverages from bulky and heavy bottles without spills or dropping the bottle.

Liquor Lock
Keep the “unwanted customers” from running your bar dry.

Master Opener
In addition to opening regular cans, this cool Master Opener can break vacuum seals, open pull tabs, twist off screw tops, and crack open soda and beer bottles.

Draft Beer Faucet
Traditional uses include draft beer systems like kegerators, however the creative folks at the Food Network prefer to use it to turn watermelons into cocktail kegs.

Binocular Flask
On the outside it appears to be a regular pair of binoculars, but is in fact a flask in sheep’s clothing. Each eye piece opens to provide access to a separate compartment.

Bottle Clip
Creative bottle holder that simply snaps onto any standard sized mens bicycle. Most bottles can be screwed directly into the clip.

U Fizz
Tired of Coca-Cola and Pepsi? Thanks to the miracles of home carbonation, now you can turn anything you want into a fizzy lifting drink.

Aqua Jar
Cool plastic bottle decanter designed by GR Lab from Barcelona.

Lemon Squeezer
With a simple twist, Rosendahl’s Lemon Squeezer easily and beautifully serves juice directly from the fruit.

Beer Belly
Beer dispenser that fits stealthily and comfortably around your waist.

Beer Belt
Awesome beer holder allows you to have six beers on your belt.

Beer Savers
Durable and stretchy bottle caps designed to help keep beer fresh.

Magnetic Can Cooler
Strong magnet will keep your beer can in place on any metal surface.

Solid Ice Beer Tray
Beer holder molded from solid ice will cool up to six beer bottles.

Beer Scooper
It will plunge into icy water to grab a cold one so you don’t have to.

Road Popper
Bike mountable bottle opener will help you open any beer bottle.

Bottle Carrier
Sixpack carrier will help you safely transport up to six beer bottles.

Beer Blaster
Puncture a shaken can and use the carbonation to blast your friends.

Beer Buckle
Belt buckle retracts and springs up to hold a beverage can or bottle.

Hops Holster 12 Can Ammo Pack
Each individual can holster is insulated to keep your beer cold.

Top 10 stunning Yatch in the world

The world's largest luxury yacht is Eclipse. It beat 'Dubai' to be the No.1 among luxury yachts in 2010. Owned by some of the world's most richest people, these mighty yachts are floating palaces with all the modern amenities.

1. Eclipse (557 Feet )

Owner: Roman Abramovich
Launched on: 2010
Built by: Blohm + Voss in Hamburg, Germany
Designer: Terence Disd.

2.Dubai (532 Feet)

Owner: Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Launched: 2006
Builder: Platinum Yachts FZCO
Designer: Andrew Winch

3.Al Said (508 Feet)

Owner: Qaboos bin Said al Said
Launched: 2007
Builder: L rssen Yachts, Germany
Designer: Espen Oeino International

4. Prince Abdulaziz (482 Feet)

Owner: Saudi Royal Family
Launched: 1984
Builder: Helsingor Vaerft
Designer: Maierform Maritime Technology

5. El Horriya (478 Feet)

Owner: Egyptian Presidential yacht
Launched: 1865
Builder: Samuda Brothers, UK
Designer: Oliver Lang

6. Al Salamah (457 Feet)

Owner: Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz
Launched: 1999
Builder: Lurssen and HDW, Germany
Designer: Terence Disdale

7. Rising Sun (453 Feet)

Owner: Larry Ellison and David Geffen
Launched: 2004
Builder: L rssen, Germany
Designer: Seccombe Design

8. Savarona ( 446 Feet)

Owner: Kahraman Sadikoglu
Launched: 1931
Builder: Blohm & Voss, Germany
Designer: Gibbs & Cox

9. Al Mirqab (436 Feet)

Owner: Emir of Qatar
Launched: 2008
Builder: Peters Schiffbau, Germany
Designer: Tim Heywood

10. Octopus (414 Feet)

Owner: Paul Allen
Launched: 2003
Builder: Lurssen, Germany
Designer: Espen ino Naval Archit

World’s first semi-submerged hotel resort planned in Qatar

Italian designer Giancarlo Zema's, Amphibious 1000 is the world’s first semi-submerged hotel resort.

The shape is like a big aquatic animal stretching out from the land into the sea and extends horizontally for 1km thanks to two long wide arms.

The activities of the hotel take place in the underwater area that is surrounded by aquariums.

The project is composed of a land section and sea section. On the land area to be found residential buildings, office buildings and a marina with a modern and flexible harbor.

In the sea section there are four innovative semi-submerged hotels with underwater halls that give fascinating views.

All the structures are situated in a semi-circle around the tower with the panoramic restaurant. The four hotels are reminiscent of the soft lines of the super yachts anchored on land.

Large diagonal glass windows make the hotels unique, each with 75 luxury suites arranged around the perimeter of the building so each has a big terrace that overlooks the complex.

The bridge that connects the land and sea section is limited with plants that give the idea of projecting the land flora into the sea.

The hotels are situated around a central public welcome area that has an interactive museum on water life and water exhibition galleries, large perimetral acquariums and a glass tunnel, that leads to the underwater observatory in the centre of the whole marine park.

These are connected to the welcome area by the long arms are fitness areas, gardens and a special outdoor theatre with a moving stage that opens out on the sea.

To the smaller floating platforms will be anchored 80 floating suites called Jelly-fish with underwater views within the artificial reef.

At the end of each platform are lighthouses.

A Temple where Enfield Bullet is God...

India is of course the land of uncountable mysteries and legends… but among all, this one is quite intriguing – it is about a peculiar deity that cannot be found anywhere in the world!
Hindu mythology, the belief India’s dominant religion, stated about 33 million gods (though it can be termed that all of them are different manifestations of one supreme deity). These 33 million takes vastly different forms and appearances of which the popular ones are the God with Elephant head, Lord Ganesha and the Monkey God, Lord Hanuman. But this above mentioned ‘God’ doesn’t belong to this 33 million — because it is a 350cc Royal Enfield Bullet!

This may seem unbelievable. But the temple really exists. The place is a small village, Chottila’, located on the National Highway between Jodhpur and Pali, in the state of Rajasthan, Northwest India. Here the deity is the Enfield Bullet. The birth of this temple owes a very exciting legend.
Legend of Bullet Temple:
 Not so long ago, in 1991 to be precise, there lived a young man named Om Singh Rathore popularly known as Om Banna. He was the son of Jog Singh, head of Chottila village. Om Singh alias Om Banna was passionate about Enfield Bullet as well as local alcoholic beverage. One fateful night, a drunken Om Singh was returning to Chottila in his new bullet, when he met with a terrible accident. His speedy vehicle struck a roadside tree and he was thrown into a nearby pit, of some 20 feet deep, where he died. Next day his body was recovered by the Police who took the bullet to the police station as a part of routine investigation formalities. That was the beginning of a series of nerve testers which rattled the entire village.

At the police station, the bullet disappeared on the very night. Next day it was found at the accident spot. Thinking as a silly act of mischief, the police bought back the bullet to the station. But again the bullet disappeared in the night; only to be found right back at the fateful spot. The angered police men once again took the bullet back to station, emptied its fuel tank and kept the vehicle tightly bound with iron chains. But the ‘jinx’ continued in the night… the bullet was back in its favorite spot like an iron nail to a magnet. The bewildered police handed the bullet back to Om Singh’s relatives. But the ‘troubles’ didn’t end. The same routine continued with villagers often hearing the roaring sound of the bullet in the night time. Om Singh’s relatives sold the bullet to a person in the far away Gujarat state. But still, the bullet mysteriously came back at its favorite accident spot, covering a distance of hundreds of kilometers! The new owner subsequently abandoned the bullet.

Another legend states… in that eventful night after the accident occurred, some kilometers away Om Singh (his spirit) asked for a lift to a truck driver. Who without knowing all these took him along. On reaching the accident spot Om Singh asked driver to blow the horn to fulfill any purpose and to make the journey an accident-free one, and subsequently vanished! All these events made the Chottila villagers to consecrate a temple dedicated to the Bullet at the eventful spot.

One more testimony is, a truck met with an accident at this spot and the driver, though injured, survived. He said the spirit of Om Singh appeared and lifted him out of the badly damaged vehicle; otherwise he couldn’t have been survived.

Afterwards the highway drivers took this legend seriously and all made a point to blow horn, as an offering to the bullet deity, when they pass through this spot. Then the journey will be free from mishaps!
In due course of time and fame of bullet deity (Bullet Baba) spread and, not only Chottila village folk but also many from neighboring villages and even faraway places come to offer prayers at this unique temple. This shrine continues to be a very simple one, without any architectural splendor. Here the ‘hero’ bullet stands decorated with garlands. Nearby is a platform (‘peeth’) on which Om Singh’s richly garlanded photo is placed, with a sacred fireplace (‘homa-kund’) in front. The legendary tree, the accident-cause, is also near majestically decorated with garlands, ornaments and colored ashes.

Devotees mainly come here for granting of wishes and also making the life’s onward journey problem free. An interesting thing is the increasing numbers of newlyweds and parents with new born babies. The main offering here is also one-of-a-kind… the locally brewed alcoholic beverage – beer (that was supposed to be the late Om Baba’s favorite). The beer bears the typical trademark ‘bullet’.

Here people usually offer worship by prostrating, circumferencing the bullet, garlanding Om Singh’s portrait and bullet, lighting ‘ararbattis’ (incense sticks), and pouring beer to the sacred fire place.

There are many who are ready to swear by the wish granting miracles of the ‘Bullet deity’. At night the villages hear (if not always but still!) the roaring sound of the Bullet which now stands with rusted fuel tank!

Well… be those legends are true or false, the Bullet Temple’s fame continues to spread far and wide and devotes are increasing in numbers. Practically no driver dares to cross this spot without slowing down the vehicle and blow horn as offering to the Bullet Baba! Among the uncountable legends and myths in this fascinating country, the Bullet Baba’s legacy also lives on and on.......