Monday, August 22, 2011

Creative and Unusual Soap Designs

Modern soap comes in all shapes and sizes. Here is a list of some most Cool and Unique Soap Designs from all over the world which will will make a great addition to any bathroom.

Soap Mouse
Double click your body to cleanliness with the soap mouse.

Soap Leaves
The soap is made through a process in which soap resin is mixed with a secret Thai formula, then hand poured over a dried and cured lattice-like frame of real mango tree leaves to form individual soaps of unmatched exquisiteness.

Sony Playstation Controller Soap
Creative replica soap of a Sony Playstation controller scented with juicy watermelon.

Cupcake Soap
None of these are edible, they are all for you bath pleasures!

PB & J Sandwich Soap
Soap that looks and smells like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Soap Chair
Finally, soap is exaggerated to the scale of a chair by Nancy Wu.

Lemon Soap
This creative soap not only looks like a lemon, but it also has the essence of a lemon inside!

NES Nintendo Controller Soap
Perfect gift for the old school gamers out there!

Ice Cream Bar Soap
Creative soap in the form of an ice cream bar.

Hand soap
This creative soap allows you to wash your hands with hands.

Rose Soap
Ultra-realistic long stemmed rose soaps can hardly be told apart from the real thing.

Bacon Soap
Learn how to make your own bacon soap, from actual bacon.

Banana Soap
Realistic looking banana shaped soap by Crazy K Bath and Body.

Hot Cocoa Soap
Creative soap served in an 8-ounce coffee cup. The main scent used is called “hot fudge brownie.”

Domino Soap

Soap Ring
Creative soap rings from Nancy Wu disappear when they are used.

Gmail Soap
Unusual Google Gmail “the cleanest soap” from Russia.

What is a Soapsicle, you ask? They’re bars of soap that look just like popsicles!

LEGO bricks Soap
Each LEGO soap set comes with 8 lego soap bricks in each bag. Each soap is scented and colored. There are some that come clear or white.

Microphone Soap
This awesome soap allows you to sing when no one is looking.

Toothbrush Soap
Creative decorative soap designed to look like a real toothbrush.

Handgun Soap
Gun soap blows away dirt and comes in its own hardshell case.

Brain Soap
Glycerin soap brain comes scented in Bubblegum or Strawberry.

Telephone Soap
Handmade telephone shaped soap comes with removable receiver.

Puzzle Soap
Creative soap designed to look like the Jigsaw puzzle pieces.

Grenade Soap
Unique soap cast from an actual WWII steel body hand grenade.

Finger Soap
Weird soap designed to look like realistic human fingers with fingerprints, fingernails, and wrinkles.

Gummy Bears Soap

Companion Cube Soap
Soap inspired by the weighted companion cube from Portal games.

Fried Eggs Soap
Handmade out of natural glycerin, this soap looks like fried eggs.

Red Stapler Soap
Creative soap designed for the fans of the movie Office Space.

Mustache Soap

Coffee Soap
Unique coffee bean soap makes a perfect gift for any coffee lover.

Lipstick Soap

LEGO mini-figure Soap
Fun and creative soap made for the fans of LEGO mini-figures.

Soap Knuckles
Slip on a pair of brass knuckle inspired soap and hurt some dirt.

Space Invaders Soap
Cool soap inspired by the aliens from the classic Atari video game.

iPhone Soap
This unusual soap is roughly the same size as the actual iPhone.

Sushi Soap
Soap set for sushi lovers comes with its own porcelain tray.

Pizza Soap
Delicious looking soap shaped like two Pepperoni pizza slices.

Darth Vader Soap
Star Wars themed soap will tempt you to join the dark side.

Gun Soap
Soap shaped like a handgun designed by Andreas Kraeftner.

Fight Club Soap
Unique soap inspired by David Fincher’s classic movie Fight Club.

Oreo Cookies Soap
Handmade cookie shaped soap looks just like the real thing.

Magic Lamp Soap
Aladdin’s magic lamp soap designed by Chloe Coulson.

Money Soap
This clever soap was left in public restrooms to create awareness about corruption problems in Lithuania.

Tetris Soap
Creative soap set for the fans of the classic puzzle video game.