Friday, September 2, 2011

32 Creative and Unusual Alarm Clocks

Creative and unusual alarm clock designs that will spice up your morning. There is no way to sleep back...!

Flying Alarm Clock
This clock launches it’s rotor in the air, and you have to catch it and return it to it’s base to silence the clock.

Clocky Alarm Clock
Unusual alarm clock that jumps 3 feet from your night stand and runs away beeping to get you up. You can only snooze once.

Shape Up Alarm Clock
This dumbbell-style alarm clock wants to start your day off right! Just set the alarm and in the morning it will buzz until you’ve done 30 reps.

Pillow Alarm Clock
The pillow uses an LED fabric substrate below the surface to wake the user using light. This substrate also functions as a display, showing the time on the surface of the pillow.

Smash Alarm Clock
The alarm is switched off by punching on the top of the alarm clock.

iSleep Alarm Clock
When you close your laptop, iSleep pillow gets filled with warm air, music is being played and after 10 minutes the alarm clock rings.

Pull Handle Alarm Clock
To set the alarm you simply pull down the handle to the designated time remaining. The alarm will sound once the handle reaches the top and a simple tap on the LCD screen will shut it off.

Directors Edition Alarm Clock
Unusual director’s clapper-board shaped alarm clock. Set the alarm to anytime you want, and when it rings, use the clapper and clip the board to stop the alarm.

Bacon Alarm Clock
Creative alarm clock that wakes you up with the smell of bacon.

Paper Alarm Clock
Conceptual alarm clock based on digital paper. To switch the alarm off, just scrunch it up.

Gun Operated Alarm Clock
Old NES light gun was modified with tilt switches to control a vintage digital clock radio. When the alarm wakes you up, grab the gun and kill it off!

Silent Alarm Clock
Conceptual alarm clock that wakes you up without any sound. Each person wears a wireless ring with an integrated vibration device that generates a tactile alarm.

Carpet Alarm Clock
If you want to turn the alarm off, you have to get up and step on it.

Rocket Launcher Alarm Clock
Every morning you will hear a count down and then the Rocket will shoot into the air. In order to make the alarm stop going off, you have to catch the rocket and put it back.

Laser Target Alarm Clock
The only way to turn off the alarm sound of this Laser Alarm Clock is to aim a laser beam at the exact center of the target.

Police Siren Alarm Clock
Wouldn’t you like to wake up to this spinning light-up Police Siren Alarm Clock with siren sound?

Fire bell Alarm Clock
The Fire Bell Alarm will not only wake you up, but probably most of your house as well!

No Snooze Alarm Clock
This alarm clock has a strap that needs to be lifted up and rotated continuously for 1.5 minutes. The minimum rotation allowed is 2 rotations per second. If the user goes slower than this, the beep of the alarm increases and the alarm resets to default, which asks the user to start the whole process again.

Throw Alarm Clock
These alarm clocks can only be turned off by bouncing them or throwing them – great way to manage the anger in the morning!

This alarm clock uses wifi connectivity along with your bank account log in details in which it can use to donate your money to an organisation you hate every time you push snooze.

Puzzle Alarm Clock
Puzzle Alarm Clock will continue to sound until all the pieces are put back into their matching places ensuring that you are awake and will not fall back asleep!

Egg Laying Alarm Clock
This clock doesn’t stop beeping until you’ve collected all its eggs!

Banpresto DangerBomb Alarm Clock
This alarm clock has 3 different colors of cords ready for you to choose and disconnect when the alarm clock goes off. The answer is indicated by light of the color. If the wrong cord is disconnected, it will continue to make loud explosion noises.

Hitting Sound Alarm Clock
This clock is loud enough to wake all your family up.
The Anemone Alarm Clock
Aaron Tang’s Anemone Clock rumbles when the alarm goes off, eventually shaking its way all across your room, forcing you to get up to stop it. But that’s not all – it keeps shaking when you pick it up, making it a frustrating exercise just to find the off button. Tang didn’t say if the clock had a snooze button so you can repeat this process a few times each morning.

In order to stop this alarm clock, you have to bribe it with money.

Sfera Alarm Clock
When the alarm goes off, the clock lowers to hover just above your head and it begins to glow. To active the “sleep” button, you hit it and it retracts a bit toward the ceiling. This continues to happen until it retracts so high that when it goes off, you must stand up to reach it.

Money-Shredding Alarm Clock
An alarm clock, which no panda would want to have – once it kicks in, it will start shredding money and keep going until you turn the alarm off. And if losing $100 is not enough to make you wake up, a little bit of jail time to the penalty might help – as Mashable already noted, in the U.S., willfully destroying U.S. currency is a federal crime.

Pole Dancer Alarm Clocks
Instead of spending your money at strip clubs, the £20 Pole Dancer Alarm Clock will give you a show each morning. It is guaranteed to get you up (in more than just one way) to a seedy looking strip joint with a disco ball and bad lighting and music. What better way to start our mornings?

Floating Projector Alarm Clock
Designed by the world reknown Stefano Giovannoni, this wireless projection clock is the first of its kind. The projection unit can be moved positioned in any way you like to give you the best possible view of the time. This self-setting clock also features dual alarms, indoor temperature, and contactless keys.

Rubik's Cube Alarm Clock
Rubik’s Cube offers a multitude of functions such as time, temperature, alarm and date. You can easily switch between these functions with a simple twist of the top row.

Multi-Fragrance Alarm Clocks
This clock can also put you to sleep, as lavender cartridges can be used to provide a soothing scent conducive to sleep. Drifting off slowly to sleep or stirring to awakeness is much more gentle with a scent alarm clock than a traditionally noisy one. Scent cartridges are easily popped into the slot but will only be activated if the cartridge is homed in.

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