Friday, September 9, 2011

18 Creative avd Unusual Clothes Hanger Designs

Collection of modern coat hangers and unusual clothes hanger designs from all over the world.

Magnetic Clothes Hangers
These cool modern hangers replace the hook with a magnet and are accompanied by a suspended piece of metal to allow full freedom of arrangement and display of your clothes.

Blow Up Hanger
Modern inflatable hangers do not take up lot of space when not in use.

DINO Coat Rack
Lincoln Kayiwa’s coat rack can be configured according to the type, length or size of item by using differently sized, yet matching, hangers.

Rethink Hanger
This unusual product turns two plastic bottles into a clothes hanger.

Jesus Clothes Hanger
Creative steel Jesus clothes hanger designed by Dehio and Martens.

Ninja Star Coat Hook
Unusual coat hook worthy of a ninja invasion. Looks like a Ninja Star is embedded into your wall.

Skateboard Coat Hanger
Hang Up coat hanger is made of coated metal wires with 8 skateboard wheels and bearings.

Newspaper Clothes Hanger
Polymer sheet wrapped around a rolled newspaper becomes modern coat hanger. Now we can turn “yesterday’s paper” into a useful object.

Gear Shift Coat Rack
Creative coat rack from Japan, perfect for sports car enthusiasts.

Rope Coat Hanger
Modern coat hanger system made from rope and sailing knots by German-born designer Rainer Subic.

Wooden Clothes Hanger
Sold by sets of 5, these hanger hooks require you take a walk in a natural environment to complete the object with some fallen branches.

Paper Clip Wall Hook
Mount to your wall, and then use the power of a paper clip to hold your coats or hats.

Nature Inspired Hanger
Beautiful nature-inspired towel hanger for the bathroom.

Futuristic Hanger
Hang On is a product that stands out and can be used to hang everything from a t-shirt and a pair of jeans to a heavy winter jacket.

Paper Clip Coat Hanger
Unique coat hanger created by talented designer Jaehyung Hong.

Arrow Hanger
The shaft of the arrow slings out when you want to hang many clothes from hangers, but if it’s just a hat or a coat, you can leave the shaft up.

Split Wood Coat Hanger
Mimicking the careful tear of an axe on a piece of kindling, the Coat Hang’s branches can hold many possessions. No hardware is needed, as the Coat Hang remains stationary by two friction points at the wall and floor.

Clothes Hanger Chair
By morphing the function of the hanger with that of the folding chair, a new hybrid is born.

Stunning paper relief sculptures

These highly detailed paper relief sculptures are created by US based artist and a trained architect Christina Lihan. Through combination of her professional skills she has designed these stunning paper relief sculptures, mounted in shadowboxes and ranging from two to six inches deep, of some of world's famous landmarks such as; Taj Mahal, Eiffel tower, buildings of US cities and some private residences.

Ukraine's Soap box car race

Creative car enthusiasts line up in the Ukrainian capital for a humdinger on home-made soap box carts...

The Beautiful Depth of Colours - 16 Pics