Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Top 10 Global Cities in the World

10. Seoul, South Korea

9. Sydney, Australia

8. Singapore

7. Los Angeles

6. Chicago

5. Hong Kong

4. Paris

3. Tokyo, Japan

2. London

1. New York

Three of the world's top 10 global cities are American - New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, with New York taking the top slot.

Human ingenuity - Very crazy solutions...

Some people need a boost to get creative, others have to to come up with darnedest ideas - just to meet the challenges of everyday life. when faced with shortage of tools and tight circumstances, these people do not panic, but start inventing - sometimes using everyday object in extraordinary way...

Worried about health while spending a lot of time in computer here is an idea for that...

Short on chess figures? try this out...

Feel pain while talking in cell phone for a long time. But here is an idea you will barely try...
Using suitcases as a support structure is a bad idea, even if you fill it with bricks -

This airport has a different suitcase problem -

Weird car enhancements:

Very, very crude GPS device:

Maybe this is the cheapest way to travel:

This however, is not a way to travel...

Unique Vehicle...

This seems to fulfill the role of a school bus...

Not much of a car, but a cool audio system:

I am not sure what this was before - a bomb, a missile? - but now, it's a motorcycle:

Use a piece of big pipe to hold the mini-car races:

Strapped for space? Sometimes your personal space is reduced to almost nothing:

You can still catch some sleep:

No garage? No problem! -

Secure your car - amazingly, this may even be effective:

Carrying things is not an easy job, But I would not recommend this sort...

But don't get too carried away with pigs (what is going on here??):

These guys obviously skipped the safety meetings...