Sunday, October 2, 2011

50 Creative and Unusual Sandwich Art..

Collection of unusual and creative sandwiches  art that will make you admire the food instead of just eating it in a jiffy.

Rubik’s Cube Sandwich
This cool sandwich contains cubes of pastrami, kielbasa, pork fat, salami, and two types of cheddar.

Guitar Sandwich

Ghoulish Hand Sandwich

Sandwich Island

Monterey-in-the-Box Sandwich

Cars Movie - Sandwich

Molecular Sandwich

Owl Sandwich

The Puzzle Sandwich

Race car Sandwich

Stock Sandwich

Choose Your Card Suit Sandwich

The White Tiger Sandwich

Swine 'n' Cheese Sandwich

Winnie The Pooh Sandwich
Pooh Bear inspired sandwich by Mark Northeas.

Dumbbell Sandwich
After eating this sandwich, you will have to pump some real iron to burn off the calories.

Nike Sandwich
Running shoe constructed using the most powerful, must durable and most delicious material known to man: hamburger.

Terrified Sandwich

Tie Sandwich
Cool tie-shaped torpedo sandwich with grilled steak, Swiss, cheddar and fried onions.

Pac-Man Sandwich
Creative sandwich inspired by the Pac-Man video game character.

Drying Laundry Sandwich

Spongebob Sandwich
Awesome Spongebob Square Pants sandwich by Mark Northeas.

Bacon Sandwich
Wild Turkey + Bacon = Wild Turbacon Sandwich.

Computer Mouse Sandwich
Cordless computer mouse sandwich with USB cheese stick.

Pair of Aces Sandwich
Great sandwich to enjoy while you play poker with your friends.

Piano Sandwich
One more amazing sandwich art creation by Mark Northeas.

Wall-E Sandwich
It takes 4 slices of whole wheat bread, turkey, mayonnaise, cheese singles, and blueberry to make Wall-E sandwich.

BBC show “Blue Peter” Sandwich

Bacon Scale Sandwich

Beatnik Sandwich

Butterfly Sandwich

Step walk Sandwich

Kitty Kat Sandwich

Flip Cellphone Sandwich

Naughty Cat Sandwich

RIP Sandwich

Crocodile Sandwich

Quesadilla Dominoes Sandwich

Flower Sandwich

Xmas tree Fruitcake Sandwich

Packed Gift Sandwich

Giraffe Sandwich

The World’s Smallest Sandwich!

Caterpillar Sandwich

Meat Checkers Sandwich

Spider Sandwich

Tree Drawing Sandwich

Toolbox Sandwich

Octopus Sandwich

Table Sandwich

monkey head Sandwich

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