Saturday, October 22, 2011

10 Common Myths on Acne

We hear them everyday about the myths and facts and rumors floating around about acne and what causes it, what treats it and what to do about it. Being a teenager is difficult enough without worrying about acne breaking out all over your face. Now here are the top 10 myths on Acne...

1. Acne is not caused by dirt. Acne is caused by hormones; mainly androgen and their effect on the oil glands in the skin. More specifically acne is caused by a disorder in the pilosebaceous units. The pilosebaceous units are found all over your entire body with the exception of the feet, lips and hands.

2. Acne is for everyone; not just teenagers. Since acne is caused by hormones and their effect on oil glands in the skin it can affect adults as well as teenagers because adults have hormones too.

3. Treat the whole face not just the spot where the acne is. The acne that is showing is just a symptom of the underlying problem which is within the skin and the oil glands.

4. French fries, chocolate and other certain foods do not cause acne. Acne is caused by hormones; mainly androgen and their effect on the oil glands in the skin therefore food could not have anything to do with causing acne or acne breakouts.

5. Make-up is not the cause of acne; however avoid heavy make-up when sweating or working out. While make-up does not directly cause acne it is a very good idea to avoid heavy make-up period when you are
sweating or working out.

6. Tanning and sun exposure does not cure your acne. The myth that oily skin causes acne therefore drying out your skin will make the acne go away is not accurate. Tanning oftentimes does make people feel better about themselves and their skin that may be one of the reasons people feel acne is treated through tanning and sun exposure.

7. Scrubbing and exfoliating your skin will not make the acne go away. Acne is not caused by dirt; therefore scrubbing your face raw to get rid of dirt will only irritate your already sensitive skin.

8. One of the acne myths is that stress can cause acne in a roundabout way.

9. While acne is not curable it is treatable.

10. There is no proof that toothpaste applied to acne will treat the acne and make it go away.

22 Unusual Salt and Pepper Shakers

Some of the most Creative salt and pepper shaker designs that will spice up your dining table.

Broken Heart Salt and Pepper Shakers
Designed by Susanna Vesalainen, this ceramic salt and pepper shaker is comprised of two ceramic halves held together by a magnet that sits in the middle of each half and attracts both sides to each other creating a perfect fit.

Balance Salt and Pepper Shakers
These three stone shaped containers are stacked to create a zen-like balancing effect. The top is for salt, the middle one is for pepper, and the bottom can hold a dipping sauce.

Ants Salt and Pepper Shakers
You are bound to attract ants when eating outdoors, so you might as well bring your own.

Taste of Talking Salt and Pepper Shakers
These unusual salt & pepper shakers resemble traditional ear and mouth pieces from the rotary dial telephones. Actually, they don’t merely resemble them: they really are (unused) pieces taken from real phones.

Keyboard Key Salt and Pepper Shakers
These unique salt and pepper shakers are sure to cheer up anyone who’s maybe a mite “key-pressed.” Flexible silicone seals make it easy to refill them.

LEGO Salt and Pepper Shakers
Stackable salt and pepper shakers come in black and white.

Spiced Lady Ring
This unusual ring is actually a a salt/seasoning shaker.

Cigarette Salt and Pepper Shakers
They can stop you from smoking in restaurants, but they can’t stop you from ashing into your food.

Switch Me Salt and Pepper Shaker
Creative salt and pepper shaker concept that allows one to switch between salt and pepper at the press of a button.

LEGO Heads Salt and Pepper Shakers
This adorable set features two shakers, both designed to resemble LEGO minifigure heads. Just fill them with salt and pepper and shake away!

Spice Gun - Concept
Although only a concept, the “Spice Gun” by Zhu Fei would certainly liven up dinner parties as guest blast each other with salt and pepper.

Biegsie Salt and Pepper Shakers
Bend it, shake it - and look what happens. A bold hex-bolt head screw changes into a salt shaker while its countersunk - flat-headed relative becomes a pepper shaker.

Salt & Pepper Cell
Shaped like a D size battery, the power indicators on the sides correlate to the amount of spices left in the shakers before refill time.

Mini Space Rocker Salt and Pepper Shakers

S and P Salt and Pepper Shakers

Ninja Salt and Pepper Shakers

Bomb Salt and Pepper Shakers

Chemistry Element Salt and Pepper Shakers

Hour Glass Salt and Pepper Shakers

The Hug Salt & Pepper Shakers
The Hug Salt & Pepper Shakers designed by Alberto Mantilla are two sentimental Salt & Pepper shakers locked in embrace to connote love and affection.

Bride and Groom salt & pepper shakers

Two peas salt and pepper shakers
This tiny set of ceramic salt and pepper shakers will charm your guests. Each shaker is dainty and detailed and reusable time and again.

Amazing Glass Greenhouse Lamp

Greenhouse by Czech designer Kristïna Pojerovï is a suspended glass domed lamp with an inner gutter for growing herbs and other small plants in urban environments. A cylindrical opening in the base permits quick access by hand to the lamp's interior, and allows additional light to exit below. The lamp is for sale at Art Light and retails for approximately $1,900.

Innovative Vertical Bed by Jamie O’Shea

This Innovative Vertical Bed is designed by Jamie O’Shea which allows you to sleep comfortably in an upright position. It is strong enough to fully support your body and small enough to fit into a suitcase. Portable bed attaches to ventilation grates and comes with noise cancelling headphones, opaque sunglasses, and an umbrella.

12 Creative and Innovative Chopsticks

Here are the 12 most innovative and unusual modern chopsticks designed to make your eating experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Clothespin Chopsticks
Chopsticks for beginners come with a metal spring for easier use.

Narrowed Chopsticks
These chopsticks have been slightly narrowed towards their upper ends to make them easier and more comfortable to grip.

Party People Chopsticks
Confidence building, one-piece chopsticks make anyone an expert.

Mater Angle Chopsticks
Stylish ergonomically shaped stainless steel chopsticks by Mater.

Star Wars Chopsticks
Lightsaber chopsticks perfect for eating or defending the galaxy.

Pencil Chopsticks
Of course, you can always use regular pencils as your chopsticks.

Magnetic Chopsticks
Disposable chopsticks are a waste of resources. The magnet helps to recreate the feeling of pulling apart wooden chopsticks.

Collapsible Chopsticks
Pop off the top section and slide the lower section out. The wooden tip screws into the upper section and now you are ready to eat.

Chimp Sticks
Cute chopsticks for kids feature little simian hands on the tips.

Carbon Fiber Chopsticks
High-end carbon fiber chopstick set with matching carbon fiber rest will set you back $150.

Sauce Dispensing Chopsticks
By using chopsticks to drop soy sauce on sushi or rise you negate the need for side bowls full of sauce.

Froggetmee Chopsticks
Two-in-one utensil combines regular chopsticks with a soup spoon.