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Top 5 Most Amazing Snakes

Snakes are not only the deadliest but also one of the unique and most amazing species in the world. Here is a list of 5 most amazing snakes in the world...
1. Naja ashei

With their deadly venom and famous hooded threat display, cobras are easily the worlds most iconic, most dramatized reptiles, and none are as fearsome as the various spitting cobras, who can spray venom several feet from their fangs with muscular contraction, often aiming deliberately for the eyes of attackers and capable of causing blindness. Naja ashei, a species from Kenya, is the largest and most venomous spitting cobra in the world, reaching lengths of up to nine feet from head to tail.

2. Eunectes murinus

No list of snakes is complete without the green anaconda, the heaviest alive today and one of the worlds longest predators. While their typical recorded length is up to sixteen feet, reports of anacondas over thirty feet in length have circulated for centuries. Like all constrictors, they wrap their bodies around prey to restrict breathing and kill by asphyxiation, swallowing the prey whole when it finally stops struggling.

3. Scolecophidians

Blindsnakes or threadsnakes are another group of burrowers, nonvenomous but quite a bit weirder than our last serpent. With eyes covered over by thin scales,tubular worm-like bodies and mouths tucked underneath their heads, these animals are completely adapted to a fossorial (burrowing) lifestyle, and feed primarily on soft subterranean insects such as termites and ant larvae. Some species even possess tiny, movable finger-like sensory growths on their snouts,much like a star-nosed mole.

4. Atractaspis

The stilleto snake has also been called a mole viper and burrowing asp. Though highly venomous, it spends most of its time tunneling through soil with little or no room to open its jaws and strike. Instead, it possesses switchblade-like pop out fangs, which it hooks into subterranean prey by jerking its head backwards, hooking into their flesh.

5. Pareas iwasakii

This tiny but rather large-headed Japanese has one of the most oddly specific diets in the animal kingdom; its asymmetrical jaws are adapted for preying entirely upon snailsso long as their shells spiral clockwise. A once rare mutation is known to produce snails with counter-clockwise shells, and since these provide a greater challenge to the snakes, the mirrored snails may be growing steadily more common.

Bizarre Wedding - Wedding on a Roller Coaster...

Looking for fresh ideas for your wedding? Wedding on a roller coaster! Really strange, and funny, and you can immediately show whether you are ready for ups and downs of married life.

1. Before you get married on a roller coaster 33-year-old Sarah Petty of Seattle had to wear a wedding garter. Grandmother Betty Fletcher helping her.

2. Robert Scherzer and Sarah Petty kissing before the wedding on a roller coaster at the fair Payyallap Feyrgraunds.

3. Bride before the wedding in an unusual roller coaster September 15, 2011.

4. All preparations are made, it's time to go for a honeymoon on a roller coaster.

5. Encouraged by a hug before the wedding ceremony.

6. Groom, Robert Scherzer wears a ring on a finger of his bride Sarah Petty before the wedding ceremony on a roller coaster. This event certainly did not remain without attention of the local press.

7. It seems that with putting on the ring have been some difficulties. Everything is written on the face of the bride.

8. Finally, the exchange of rings in the eyes of the enthusiastic audience was held, followed by the words "Now you may kiss the bride."

9. Just saying "I agree" leading broadcast Kent Phillips and part-time registrar of the marriage of Robert Scherzer, Sarah Petty, throwing fearful glance at the first steep descent on a roller coaster.

10. Kiss Suite downhill on a roller coaster.

11. Scherzer newlyweds and their guests on a roller coaster. Unforgettable Wedding!

12. Acquainted six months ago in New York while working on a Broadway musical, Robert Scherzer and Sarah Petty sealed their union by marriage to a roller coaster at 7:30 pm local time, when an amusement park not yet open for visitors. Their union has registered by a radio show host Kent Phillips. As part of an organized radio activities the couple were presented with rings, costume and dress, wedding cake and a warm welcome. Honeymoon couple hold on the Hawaiian island of Maui.

13. Newlyweds Scherzer cling to each other on a roller coaster. Such a relationship, nourish the joint support at a wedding, have all chances for a strong family and a happy life.

14. Guest - They deserved applause for their courage and originality.

National Geographic's - Amazing Augmented Reality

National Geographic is having some fun with one of their newest PR stunts. By building an augmented reality set-up, with the help from company Appshaker, visitors at the mall experienced a shocking surprise; they were able to see animals, both alive and extinct, come to life before their very eyes. Not only animals, but also weather systems and even the historic moon walk. This kind of immersive technology is great for learning and you can really see the joy in not only the kids' faces but also the adults'. Check out the video below to see some of their priceless reactions.

Here is a video on this Amazing Augmented Reality show...

The rags-to-riches story of a billionaire BARBER

Fancy getting your hair styled for only Rs 65 by someone who goes to work at his barber shop in a Rs 3-crore Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost? Yes, this is the amazing rags-to-riches story of 41-year-old Ramesh Babu who made it big in this cut-throat world all on the dint of his honesty, hard work, humility and some foresight.

Life wasn't always hunky dory for this man. He was only 7 years old when his father, P Gopal, a barber in Bengaluru, died. All he left behind was a barber shop: little did he know that his son would become a billionaire even before he turned 40.

However, upon his mother's insistence, he resolved study up to the pre-university level and then obtained a diploma in electronics. All this while, his father's shop was still being rented out for meagre amounts. He then decided to run it himself and in 1989, he began working at the salon that had first been established by his grandfather. His barber shop -- Inner Space -- did well enough for him to be able to not just look after his family's needs, but also to save some money.

By 1994, Ramesh had saved enough to buy a Maruti Omni. He bought it for personal use, but it "used to lie idle most of the time" so he decided to put it out on rent. And that was the seed that later bore fruit and turned into his new company Ramesh Tours and Travels.

Between 1994 and 2004, he bought seven more cars and rented them out too. He ensured that his drivers were well behaved and his clientele happy. Sampath was his first driver and he still works for Ramesh. Ramesh had a small office till then. In 2004, he decided to enter the luxury car segment. He bought a Mercedes Benz for a cost of Rs 42 lakh (Rs 4.2 million). He took a loan from the bank for this. "It ran very well because other travel agencies with the same car used old cars. We were the only ones who used a brand new car." From then on, it was a one-way street to success for Ramesh.

He now owns 90 cars in all, most Toyota Innovas. His fleet of cars also includes 27 luxury vehicles: from Mercedes to BMWs to a white Rolls-Royce Ghost. He actually needed a paper and pencil to count the number of cars he owns. Ramesh Babu has a barber shop and a booming car rental business in Bengaluru, but still prefers to cut hair so that he never forgets his humble beginning.

20 Ways To Increase Laptop’s Battery Life

Modern graphic intensive operating systems and resource hungry applications are cutting down the life of your laptop’s battery every day. The average battery life per continuous use still stands at a maximum of three to four hours. So, a fast depleting battery could very swiftly put the crutches on your ‘mobile’ road trip. Mobile computing has got better with lighter components, better chips and faster processors. But the Achilles heel of a laptop has remained its battery. So here are we are going to look at ways to increase laptop battery life.

Falling just short of carrying an extra pack of batteries in the back-pack, are several ways to keep the juice flowing through the batteries.

1. Ship shape with a defrag
Regular defragmentation helps to arrange data more efficiently thus making the hard drive work less to access the data. The quicker the moving hard drive works lesser is the load placed on the battery. Thus, your batter can last longer. The effect is minimal, but this efficiency goes hand in glove with hard drive maintenance.

2. Kill the resource gobblers
End the background processes that are not vital. Monitor the resource usage through a“˜Ctrl-Alt-Del’ which brings up the Windows Task Manager (in Windows). If you’re not on the internet, it is safe to shut down the immediate non-essential programs running in the taskbar like the antivirus and the firewall. Weed out unnecessary programs running as start-ups by launching the System Configuration Utility from Run ““ Msconfig ““ Tab: Startup. Uncheck the programs which you don’t want to launch and reboot the computer once.

3. Pause the scheduled tasks
It may be a defrag or a virus scan, but make sure it is scheduled for a time when you are near a power outlet. If not then nix them for the moment.

4. Unplug external devices
USB devices are the biggest drainers of battery power. Unplug all external devices like an external mouse, PC cards, Wi-Fi, external speakers, Bluetooth and even an attached iPod.

5. Empty the CD/DVD Drives
Even if you don’t intend to use it, don’t leave any CD/DVDs as leftovers in the drives. A spinning drive sucks battery power like a sponge.

6. Go local
Desist using the DVD/external drives while running on batteries. Shift the content to the hard drive or run using (free) virtual drives like Pismo File Mount or even Microsoft’s Virtual CD ROM Control Panel.

7. Lower the lights
The LCD screen of a laptop is another huge power sink. Calibrate the brightness to the lowest level you can tolerate using the Function key toggles or using the Display Settings applet in the Control Panel.

8. Kill the sounds
Mute the speakers and try avoiding the use of multimedia software to maximize the battery life. Installed sound schemes also drain a battery perceptibly.

9. Rid the screensaver
To maximize battery life by a little, switch off the screensaver.

10. Visit Power Options
Get familiar with power management through the “˜Power Options’ applet in the Control Panel. XP, Vista, Win 7 come with advanced power management features which shut off components like the monitor and/or the hard drive after specified intervals. This again depends on the chosen “˜Power Schemes’ (for XP) in the same applet. For instance in XP, “˜Max Battery’ under Power Schemes can be selected for maximum battery optimization.

11. Turn off the looks
Today’s OS’s like Windows Vista come with features like “˜Aero Glass’ which are resource guzzlers. One can turn it off and go for the “˜Classic’ appearance which consumes less power. In Vista, click on Desktop – Preferences – View Colour – Appearance – Classic Appearance and Windows Basic graphical interface. In XP it’s – Display Properties – Theme – Windows Classic. Linux and even Macintosh are better optimized for longer battery life.

12. Hibernate is better than Sleep
In the Stand By mode (or sleep mode), the computer turns of the hard drive and the display but memory remains active while the CPU slows down. This draws on the battery. In contrast, hibernation mode is better because the computer saves the current state and shuts itself down completely thus saving power.

13. Get the most…work on the least
Working on too many programs while on the battery is a sure fire power drainer. Keep use of graphic intensive applications to a minimum. Working on a spreadsheet consumes much less than playing your favourite game. To increase the life of the battery open just one or two programs concurrently.

14. Ram in more RAM
Adequate RAM reduces the load on Virtual memory which by default resides on the hard drive. Though every extra bit of RAM uses up more power, it increases overall savings by short cutting access to the power hungry hard drive.

15. Keep it clean
A laptop with blocked air vents will generate more heat thus reducing the life of the battery. Clean the air vents regularly to keep operating temperatures low. Allow for open space around the vents for air to circulate freely. Keep the area around the laptop clean to avoid entry of dust.

16. Temperature is a silent killer
Undue heat kills off a battery slowly but surely. Avoid leaving the laptop under direct sunlight or inside a closed car.

17. Avoid the memory effect
A problem more for the older Ni-MH batteries than for Li-Ion batteries on which most modern laptops run. Memory effect relates to the loss of battery charge when they are repeatedly recharged after being only partially discharged. It can be prevented by discharging the battery fully and then completely recharging it. Li-Ion batteries on the other hand have no problems with partial discharges and re-charges and complete discharge is never recommended for this type.

18. Update software and drivers
This sounds a bit incongruous but then newer drivers and software are often designed to be more efficient (and hopefully less resource hungry).

19. Use the right adapter
Ensure that the adapter you use to charge the laptop battery is an original one or one with the correct specifications. A mismatch in the wattage could cause an overload thus damaging the laptop and the battery.

20. Pack it up
If you don’t plan to use the laptop on batteries for quite some time, ensure that the charge is nearly 40 percent – remove the batteries and store it in a cool place. A typical lithium ion battery has an overall average life of 2-3 years. With some care and caution, its mortality can be delayed.All modern laptops have battery charge level indicators. Re-charge it only WHEN the battery charge is about to empty.

Funny Cartoons About the US Government and It's Crisis...

American government debt is no longer one of the world's safest investments according to ratings agency Standard & Poor's, which last night stripped the world's biggest economy of its top credit rating for the first time. Here are some funny cartoons to denote it's financial crisis of the US Government...

5 Things You Must Know About Your Body Temperature

Body temperature is an important indicator of our health. What is normal body temperature? What part of the body gives the most accurate readings? Find out the answers to these and other questions regarding body temperature.

1.Your body is great thermoregulator

Our body has an amazing ability to keep its temperature within safe range to keep you healthy, no matter what conditions you are exposed to outside the body. When you feel hot, you start sweating, which cools you body down. When you feel cold, you start shivering, which is involuntary muscle contractions that generate heat. Goosebumps that appear on skin when you are feeling cold are actually tiny muscles that raise body hairs, which increase their thickness.

2. Normal body temperature

It is commonly accepted that normal human body temperature is 98.6 degrees F or 37 degrees C. However, there is also a number of variations to normal body temperature that depend on many factors, such as the time of the day, outside temperature, age of the person and others. Temperature may vary by 1 degrees F (0.6 degrees C), from 97 degrees F (36.1 degrees C) to 99 degrees F (37.2 degrees C), which is considered within normal range.

3. The body temperature varies throughout the day

Body temperature undergoes minor changes throughout the day. It is the lowest in the morning, between 4 and 6 a.m. And highest in the evening, around 6 to 8 p.m. Temperature also changes during sleep. Usually it starts to drop when we fall asleep, ensuring sound sleep and needed rest.

4. Rectal temperature - most accurate

Body temperature is measured with the help of different types of thermometers in various parts of the body. Temperature taken in your mouth may be influenced by many factors and is usually lower, while rectal and ear measurements are slightly higher than oral temperature readings. Temperature taken in your armpit may me the least accurate since it may not directly indicate core temperature. The most accurate way to measure body temperature is to take temperature rectally.

5. Fever is good for you

Many of us are scared of fever and try to reduce fever with medications. However, fever is not an illness, but the body's defense mechanism that fights infections and is basically harmless. Fever slows the growth of pathogenic bacteria and activates white blood cells to fight infection. Fever may range between 100 degrees to 104 degrees F and higher (37.8 degrees - 40 degrees C), but not all of them need to be treated with medications. The general rule of thumb is that fever medicines are necessary when it causes you or your child discomfort or there are other dangerous signs such as trouble breathing or pain.

15 Best Topiary Models of the World

Topiary is a wonderful and historical art that is use on plants. Gardeners clip the foliage and make a terrific shape to the trees, plants and shrubs. You can see the topiary art in the famous parks and gardens of the world in shape of animals, cartoons and informative messages.

Here are the best and beautiful samples of this fabulous art which are located at the delightful parks of the world. You should see this pretty collection and appreciate them for their great work.

Peace Topiary

Butterfly Topiary

Music Band Topiary

Bird Topiary

Christmas Pudding Topiary

Heart Topiary

Clipsham Yew Topiary

Elephant Topiary

Horse & Jockey Topiary

Hollow Cone Topiary

Lion Topiary

Fish Topairy

Giraffe Topiary

Yew Tree Avenue

Cartoon Topiary