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16 Guinness World Records With A Christmas Theme

For most, Christmas Day is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ or at least a holiday to get cosy with all the family and tuck into a juicy turkey with all the trimmings. But the world doesn't stop because people are on holiday as well as present giving, as may people try to attempt some world records based on Christmas. We look back through some of the most significant Guinness World Records With A Christmas Themes.

Largest collection of Santa Claus memorabilia: Jean-Guy Laquerre (Canada) has 25,104 different items of Santa Claus memorabilia, as of 30 November 2010, that he has been collecting since 1988. His collection includes 2,360 figurines, 2,846 cards and postcards from 33 counties, 1,312 serviettes and 241 pins and brooches. 

Largest gathering of Santa Clauses: The largest gathering of Santa Clauses was achieved by 13,000 participants in the Guildhall Square in Derry City, Northern Ireland, UK, on 9 December 2007.

Largest gathering of Santa's elves: Nearly 800 people in Bridgend, south Wales, set a new world record for the largest gathering of people dressed as Christmas elves. The previous world record of 607 was set in New York City in December 2009.

Largest Santa: A Santa measuring 15.6 m (51 ft) high, 11 m (36 ft) wide and 4 m (13 ft) deep stood at the entrance to the Tanglin Mall, Singapore, from November 10, 1996 to January 3, 1997. It weighed 2.5 tonnes and was constructed from polyfoam and metal.

Largest floating Christmas tree: The largest floating Christmas tree measures 85 m (278 ft 10 in) in height and was erected as an annual tradition in Rodrigo De Freitas Lagoon in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil for Christmas 2007. The tree was sponsored by Bradesco Seguros e Previd ncia.

Most lights on a Christmas tree: The record for the most lights lit simultaneously on a Christmas tree is 150,000 for the RTL-ChariTree 2006. The feat was achieved by RTL Television GmbH, Germany, on 22 December 2006 at the Cologne Cathedral, Cologne, Germany.

Most expensively decorated Christmas tree: The most expensively decked Christmas tree was erected on 7 December 2002 at the Tsunamachi Misui Club, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan by Piaget Japan. It was decorated with 83 pieces of jewellery which had a total value of 1,357,785,000 Japanese Yen ($16 million, or 10.4 million)

Oldest Christmas tree: Every year, Janet Parker of Chippenham, Wiltshire, UK, puts up her Christmas tree, which was purchased - possibly from Woolworths - for her Great Aunt in 1886. Standing 30 cm (12 in) high in an ornate pot, it gets decorated with cherubs and the Virgin Mary.

Largest Christmas stocking: The largest Christmas stocking measured 32.56 m (106 ft 9 in) long and 14.97 m (49 ft 1 in) wide (heel to toe) and was made by the Children's Society (UK) in London, UK on 14 December 2007.

Largest advent calendar: The largest advent calendar is 71 m (232 ft 11 in) high and 23 m (75 ft 5 in) wide and was built at St Pancras station, London, UK, to commemorate the station's refurbishment in December 2007.

Largest Christmas star ornament: The largest Christmas star ornament measures 31.59 m (103 ft 8 in) tall and was achieved by Apple A Day Properties (India) and unveiled in Kochi, Kerala, India, on 31 December 2009.

Largest secret Santa game: The largest secret Santa game involved 1,270 participants in an event organised by Boots UK Limited at their head office in Nottingham, UK, on 18 December 2008.

Best selling Christmas single: 'White Christmas' by Bing Crosby, has sold over 100 million records around the world since its release in 1942, though that figure includes album sales. It is the best-selling single of all time, with sales estimated to be more than 50 million copies worldwide.

Highest grossing Christmas-themed film: How the Grinch Stole Christmas (USA 2000). Budget: $123 million ( 82.4 million). Gross: $340 million ( 227.7 million).
Most Expensive Christmas Tree Ornaments

World’s Most Expensive Christmas Ornament - Christmas Tree Bauble:
This one is arguably the world’s most expensive Christmas ornament. Produced by Krebs Glass in Germany, the bauble is decorated with solid 12kt gold and 120 VS1 diamonds with a total weight of 5.1 carats. Price – $31,000.

The largest group of Christmas Carol Singers:
17,117 people across the UK united to sing a programme of festive favourites during unified carol singing events, organised by Premier Christian Radio and sponsored by BibleLands - setting the new world record for the Largest group of carol singers - multiple venues, according to World Records Academy

Top 16 Most Expensive Materials in the World

Everything in this world is made up of some materials. Without materials there is nothing in this world, that is the world is itself will not exist. But there are also some material which are very expensive and some of this expensive material we would have hardly seen. Now here are the 16 most expensive substance or material of the planet, based on the price per gram, arranged with an increase in value.

16. Saffron - $ 11/gram

Saffron is a flowering plant that can be used as a natural remedy virtually all ailments ranging from depression and ending with menstrual cycles. The dried stigmas of the saffron flower seeds are used as a spice and food color orange. Perhaps there are properties allow to slow vision loss in older people.

15. Gold - $ 56/gram

In addition to the traditional use in jewelry, gold can be used as an electrical conductor and to prevent corrosion.Gold- a very heavy metal: the density of pure gold equal to 19 621 kg / cubic meter (ball of pure gold, 46 mm in diameter has a mass of 1 kg). The high density of gold makes it easier to catch.

14. Rhodium - $ 58/gram

Rhodium is mainly used in catalytic converters to reduce carbon emissions from cars. No biological role in human life, this highly toxic metal is not important.

13. Platinum - $ 60/gram

Platinum and its alloys are widely used for the production of jewelry. Every year the world jewelry industry consumes about 50 tons of platinum. Platinum, gold and silver - base metals, performing monetary functions. It is noteworthy that the largest existing at the moment is a platinum nugget "Ural giant 'weighing 7 kg was 860.5

12. Methamphetamine - $ 100/gram

Methamphetamine is a stimulant with an extremely high potential for additive, and therefore received wide acceptance as a drug. There have been cases of smoking crystal methamphetamine hydrochloride. This is the most additive method of application. With the right individual dosage methamphetamine decreases fatigue, causing a burst of energy, increases efficiency.

11. Rhino horn - $ 110/gram

Horn is valued Vietnam's alleged ability to cure cancer. His medical application also includes the treatment of fevers and other diseases. If you cut or damage the rhino horn, animal likely will not survive, but in young animals it can grow back again. Rhinos are endangered, and this was primarily due to the huge demand of their horns.

10. Heroin - $ 130/gram

This opiate injected, snorted and smoked to change consciousness. On average, a year in Russia consumes about 80 tons of the drug, which is 20% of the amount consumed in the world. Physico-chemical properties: a pure substance - a white crystalline powder, the crude product - bitter, grayish-brown powder in the form of small crystals with an unpleasant odor.

9. Cocaine - $ 215/gram

Cocaine - Methyl ester of benzoylecgonine - has a local anesthetic and narcotic action. World consumption of cocaine is estimated at approximately 750 experts tons per year. Currently, cocaine is most common as a drug. The popularity of the drug substance due to its stimulant effects, improved mood and increased efficiency.

8. LSD - $ 3000/gram

Psychoactive substances in Russia legally classified as a narcotic. Like most of these surfactants, LSD does not cause physical dependence. In pure form, LSD is colorless, odorless and slightly bitter taste. Is used, usually by the oral route, for example, using a small piece of paper ("Marks"), impregnated with a solution of the substance, or a piece of sugar, or as Gelatin.

7. Plutonium - $ 4000/gram

Heavy radioactive metal brittle silver-white color is widely used in the manufacture of nuclear weapons, nuclear fuel as an energy source for space vehicles. Plutonium is very often used in nuclear bombs. Historical fact is dumping nuclear bomb on Nagasaki in 1945, the United States. The bomb, dropped on the city, contained a 6.2 kg of plutonium.

6. Pain - $ 9000/gram or $ 1800/karat

Pain is a mineral orange or reddish-brown. It was discovered in Burma in the mid-1950s. and since then is considered the rarest gemstone in the world.

5. Taffeit - up to $ 20,000 / gram or $ 4000/karat

Lilac gemstone is said to be a million times more than redkmy diamonds. Used only as a precious stone.

4. Tritium - $ 30,000 / gram

The production of one kilogram of tritium costs $ 30 million. Used in light sources, as the tritium illumination.

3. Diamonds - $ 55,000 / gram

Colorless stone can cost more than $ 11,000 per carat, but colored diamonds are much more expensive. Diamonds are evaluated according to the 4 Carbon, cut, clarity, color and carat (weight in carats), which allows you to determine whether the stone is close to perfection.

2. California 252 - $ 27 million / gram

Isotopes of California do not have any practical application. In the West, this element has been created only once since its opening in 1950.

1. Antimatter - $ 62.5 trillion / gram

Antimatter is known as the most expensive substance on earth - according to NASA in 2006, the production of milligram positron worth approximately $ 25 million. Antimatter in the future could theoretically be used as fuel for spaceships to other planets.

Top 10 Famous Event that Happened in December 25

For most, Christmas Day is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ or at least a holiday to get cosy with all the family and tuck into a juicy turkey with all the trimmings. But the world doesn't stop because people are on holiday as well as present giving, December 25 has seen the dissolution of a massive communist nation and the death of a well-loved silent Movie star. We look back through history at some of the most significant events to occur on Christmas Day.

1. William I was crowned ( 25 December 1066 )

William the Conqueror had an eventful Christmas Day. Instead of going to church to pray for Jesus Christ, he was crowned King of England at Westminster Abbey after he and his Norman army defeated Harold II and the Anglo Saxons at the Battle of Hastings weeks earlier.

2. World War I cease fire ( 25 December 1914 )

Both the British and German armies along the Western Front took some time out on Christmas Day
after an unofficial truce was made. Instead of battling it out, soldiers exchanged seasonal greetings, sung Christmas Carols and met on No Man's Land where thousands of men of war even swapped gifts,
like food, tobacco and alcohol. It also meant that during the five-day ceasefire, forces could collect the bodies of the war dead from the battle fields. Not everyone respected the truce, however, with some soldiers shot by the opposing side.

3. Isaac Newton born ( 25 December 1642 )

For many the father of modern science, Isaac Newton was born in Woolsthorpe-by-Colsterworth in Lincolnshire on 25 December 1642, three months after the death of his father. It was 24 years later that the famous apple fell in a garden and by the time of his death in 1727 he had advanced every form of mathematics that then existed as well as discovering laws of physics and mathematical techniques that are still taught in schools today.

4. Apollo 8 enters lunar orbit ( 25 December 1968 )

On December 25, while Brits were tucked up in bed waiting for Santa Claus to arrive, Americans were watching a special Christmas Eve broadcast live from the Apollo 8 spacecraft it became the most-watched television broadcast. On the first manned mission to the moon, Command Module Pilot Jim Lovell said:
“The vast loneliness is awe-inspiring and it makes you realise just what you have back there on Earth.” While viewers saw a grainy black and white photo of the moon, Lovell along with Bill Anders and Frank Borman ended the broadcast by taking turns reading from the book of Genesis.

5. Tropical cyclone Tracy ( 25 December 1974 )

One of the most devastating cyclones in Australian history hit the country on Christmas Day claiming 64 lives in total. Tracy was first detected as a depression in the Arafura Sea on 20 December before it moved slowly south west and intensified, passing close to Bathurst Island on the 23rd and 24th. Early Christmas Day, it headed straight for Darwin where it struck the city in the early morning. Warnings were issued, but perhaps because it was Christmas Eve and people were complacent many residents were caught unprepared. The effects were catastrophic as infrastructure in the city was left destroyed or badly damaged costing many million Australian dollars to repair.

6. Death of Charlie Chaplin ( 25 December 1977 )

One of the best-loved actors in the history of film died peacefully in his sleep on Christmas Day at his estate in Corsier-sur-Vevey, Switzerland aged 88. Born on 16 April 1889 in south London, he went onto become one of Hollywood's most famous figures noted for his performances in comic silent films. Sir Charles who was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in 1975 died a few hours before his family's traditional Christmas celebration was to begin.

7. Scientists achieve coldest temperature ( 25 December 1989 )

For a team of Japanese scientists in 1989, Christmas Day was just another work day as they achieved the coldest temperature ever recorded a chilly -271.8C.

8. First trial run of the World Wide Web ( 25 December 1990 )

The reason you are reading this article now is because on Christmas Day 21 years ago, computer scientists completed the first successful trial run of a system that consisted of only two computers and a single server which would eventually become the World Wide Web.

9. Mikhail Gorbachev resigns ( 25 December 1991 )

It was a momentous 25 December for the former countries of the Soviet Union and a sad day for Mikhail Gorbachev who had lost his popularity to rival Boris Yeltsin and with Ukraine and the Baltic states declaring themselves independent, he addressed the broken Soviet Union in a 10-minute TV broadcast. Gorbachev resigned after seven years in office and the Soviet Union was formally dissolved the following day. Two days after Gorbachev resigned, Yeltsin moved into Gorbachev's old office.

10. Failed US terror attack ( 25 December 2009 )

Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab attempted to spoil Christmas celebrations on a US flight from Amsterdam to Detroit by attempting to detonate an explosive device from his underwear. The 23-year-old engineering graduate turned terrorist admitted that he was working under the instructions of al-Qaeda in the hope of blowing up the aircraft. According to witnesses on the plane, Abdulmutallab spent about 20 minutes in the bathroom as the flight approached Detroit, and then covered himself with a blanket after returning to his seat. Other passengers then heard strange noises and a burning smell and some saw Abdulmutallab's trouser leg and the wall of the plane on fire.

Fellow passenger Jasper Schuringa, a Dutch film director, jumped on Abdulmutallab and subdued him as flight attendants used fire extinguishers to douse the flames. He pleaded guilty of to eight charges including conspiring to commit terrorism and is due to be sentenced in January 2012.

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