Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Princess Leia’s Hairstyle Headphone Covers

If you are a huge fan of Princess Leia and you want to dress up like her or at least turn you would like to turn your headphones into stylish Princess Leia buns. Anyway this Star Wars character’s famous hairstyle has served as an inspiration for an Etsy creator – Jacqueline. This Princess Leia’s Hairstyle Headphone Covers is Made from synthetic hair.

These accessories will surly spice up how your headphones look and is available in three colors - auburn, blonde or red to match the color of your own hair. The headphone covers can be attached permanently or temporarily, and will set you back $24 a pair.

"While they won’t turn you into Princess Leia straightaway it puts you one step closer to your goal – and you get to listen to music at the same time."

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