Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Beauty of Ballet - Photography by Richard Calmes

The game, dance, passion, music, emotion, theater, stage - It's just the part and parcel of ballet dance. Movement as a way of expressing the basic idea of ballet art. Appropriate scenery and lavish costumes are just companions of performance. Richard Calmes realized what it means to deal with ballet. Hard work, regular exercise, a lot of sacrifice, but also a great pleasure. Calmes understand the world of dance. He understands the importance of every movement, every jump and every pirouette.

He admires the ballet dancers as artists, and they are very frequent theme of his photography. Calmes skillfully captures with his camera explosion perfect movements that alternate with blink of an eye. It is a challenge for Calmes. He capture his ballet dancers in many different environments, giving them the opportunity to demonstrate their excellence off stage, representing the divine beauty of the movement that stirs emotions in us. Here are some of the pictures taken by Richard Calmes that gives a emotional feelings about the art of ballet dance.

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