Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Emcycle - A Cross Between Car and Bike...

Emcycle is a three-wheeled, single seat for a driver and up to 75 lbs of luggage. It is a cross between a car and a bike and aims to be the vehicle of choice for commuters. The hybrid vehicle has central remote locking, a boot and LED headlights and features an airbag and a three-point seat belt. It has the efficiency of a bike enabling the rider to bypass traffic, and the comfort of a car by allowing riders to cocoon themselves in the full body vehicle. The luxury commuter transportation is expected to cost consumers $2,000 - $4,000 (GBP 2,500) when it comes on the market.

Emcycle's Attributes:

The size:
24” wide X 73” tall X 80” long. Pedals power the rear wheel through a driver operated infinitely variable constant velocity transmission. Height and bright colours make it conspicuous to other road users. 80lbs. ‘No air – no puncture’ foam filled tyres.

The ease of a bicycle:
Pedal – it goes. Stop pedaling – it slows down. Just like a bicycle, but with power assist.

The stability of a tricycle
The two front wheels tilt to allow banking in corners but have self righting springs to allow feet-up stops. Two front wheels give increased cornering and braking stability. 6 ½ ft turning radius. Front and rear lifting handles.

The power of a Pedalec:
* Electric front wheel drive, variable assist up to 1000 watts.
* Up to 40mph and 40 mile assisted range.
* Overnight plug in home recharge and regenerative braking. Separate batteries for drive and equipment.

The amenities of a car:
Fully enclosed body. 2 lockable doors. Front and lockable rear luggage compartments. 30mph crash tested. Roll over protection. Airbag. 3 point seat belt. Adjustable full seat. Adjustable handlebar/instrument pod. Ignition key to lock steering column and parking brake. Lockable glove box. Windscreen wiper and washer. Front and rear LED lights. Separate LED headlight. Headlight flasher. LED direction indicators with self canceling. LED brake lights. Horn/bell.

Full instrumentation - Speed, miles/kilometers, trip miles/kilometers. Battery charge gauge, electricity usage gauge, warning lights for all functions, 4 way emergency flasher. Flow through filtered ventilation and heater. Suspension. Disc brakes. Reverse gear. Two side rear view mirrors.

Other option:

  • Radio and iPod holder. 
  • Drink and snack holder. 
  • Luggage net/covers. Solar charging. 
  • Trailer towing kit. 
  • Child seat. 
  • Winterize package. 
  • Transparent door opening foul weather covers. 
  • Storage cover.

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