Monday, April 16, 2012

8 Tips to Improve Your Brain Fitness

Brain is called the CPU of human body. It works for the whole day. It works even while we are sleeping. But stress, frustration, load of work, negative thinking, smoking, drinking, unbalanced diet individually or in combined form dis balances the brain and its working. It is also said that brain is like parachute, It only functions when it is open. So to open up your mind just try these ideas given below to make your brain fit.

1. Meditation

It improves concentration and helps in focusing. It strengthens the mind. Mind comes under control and effectively guide the physical body to execute all its projects efficiently.

2. Mind games and Puzzles

Many games like sudoku, crosswords and quiz help in increasing alertness, focus and concentration. They are benefit in remembering things easily and mind is then able to think faster.

3. Exercise and Dance

When you will be physically fit then you will be automatically mentally fit. According to the studies, dance is the only exercise which affects mind as it integrates several brain functions at once.

4. Sleep

If you want your mind to work properly, then SLEEP. Yes sleep. Because giving your mind rest for sometime will help in recollecting energy for the next day. So sleep at least 6-8 hours per day. But remember excessive sleeping can be harmful.

5. Balanced diet

Eat healthy to keep your brain healthy. Avoid junk, oily, packed food materials, smoking and use of liquor as mental health is always related to physical health. Eat nuts, fruits, grains, pulses and use milk products in order to get mental fitness.

6. Positive thinking

Think positive. To achieve this share your problems, sorrows and happiness with your dear ones. and remember nothing is possible.

7. Laugh

The best cure of all diseases is to laugh. So laugh as much as you can and make others laugh too.

8. Learn new skills and spend time for hobby

Try to learn whatever you want to. Spend some time for your hobby whether it's dancing, singing, reading, painting, traveling or something else.

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