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32 Gorgeous Women Who Were Born Male

Many people don't realize that transsexual models are popping up in magazines and on runways everywhere. These gorgeous models look and feel like women but were born with male reproductive organs. If we didn't know, we definitely wouldn't be able to tell that they weren't born female! Could you? So, here we bring you such 32 beautiful transsexual women who were born as male. Take a look...

Andrej Pejic

Serbian Australian model Andrej Pejic is androgynous and famous for his ability to model both male and female clothing. In January 2011's Paris fashion shows he walked both the men's and women's shows for Jean-Paul Gaultier and the men's shows for Marc Jacobs. He has also ranked #18 on the Top 50 Male Models list while simultaneously being ranked #98 in FHM's "100 Sexiest Women in the World 2011."

Kim Petras

Kim Petras was born on 27 August 1992 as Tim Petras. She is now a German teen pop singer. She creates electronic dance pop music and is signed to independent record label Joyce Records. She has been the subject of extensive worldwide news media reporting regarding her transgender medical history in the context of her young age.

Many news articles about her gender transition at age 12 and describing her as the "world's youngest transsexual". This assertion, however, is inaccurate, as gender identity disorder is often diagnosed in early childhood and transition by children under 12, though uncommon, is not unknown. However, Petras may have been one of the youngest people at that time to receive female hormone treatments.

Petras turned 16 in 2008, and announced in a November 2008 post on her blog that she had recently completed her gender reassignment surgery.

Lea T.

Brazilian Lea T. was born Leandro Cerezo in 1981, but that didn't stop her from becoming one of the most famous transsexual fashion models in the industry today. Lea has been called the muse of high fashion design house Givenchy.

Claudia Charriez

Hard to believe that Claudia Charriez was born a man, right? Her transsexuality has not stopped her from becoming an international model. Charriez was kicked off of America's Next Top Model and The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency TV shows in 2008, but went on to win the America's Next Top Transsexual Model contest on The Tyra Banks Show later that year.

Isis King

Born Darrell Walls in 1985, American model Isis King gained notoriety when she became the first transgender contestant ever to appear on the modeling reality show America's Next Top Model. King competed on two seasons of the show.


Harisu is a transsexual pop singer, model and actress from South Korea. Born biologically male, Harisu identified as female from early childhood, and underwent sex reassignment surgery in the 1990s. She is noted for being South Korea’s first transgender entertainer, and in 2002 became only the second person in Korea to legally change their gender. Her stage name is an adaptation of the English phrase “hot issue”.

Florencia De La V

Argentinian Florencia De La V began life in 1976 as Roberto Carlos Trinidad, but she has since gone on to be one of the most recognizable transgendered actresses in the world. De La V has appeared on soap operas, in magazines, in clubs, and was once the editor of a magazine. She is currently married to a man and the mother to twin babies conceived via surrogate.

Sirapassorn Atthayakorn

Thailand's own Sirapassorn, also known as Sammy. Atthayakorn was named Miss International Queen in 2011's pageant.

Chamila Asanka

Sri Lankan model Chamila, also known as Chami. Asanka is an up-and-comer in the world fashion industry. She was also a 2011 contestant in the Miss International Queen pageant.

Jenna Talackova

Jenna represented Canada at Miss International Queen, a beauty pageant for transsexuals. Miss Universe Canada has also officially accepted Jenna Talackova as a contestant for Miss Universe in the finals. The fact that she was accepted as a contestant raised several ethical and moral issues but for some it is a sign of equality. Canada is one of the progressive nations on earth with a very liberal application of its Equality Law as enshrined in its 1982 constitution.

Caroline "Tula" Cossey

Caroline "Tula" Cossey is an English model who is one of the best-known trans women in the world. Cossey had a small role in the James Bond movie The Living Daylights, posed for Playboy, and wrote an autobiography about her experiences as a transsexual model and actress called "I Am A Woman."

Roberta Close

Brazilian model Roberta Close was the first pre-operative transsexual model to pose for the Brazilian edition of Playboy magazine. After undergoing gender reassignment surgery in 1989, Close posed nude for a Brazilian men's magazine called Sexy and was then voted "Most Beautiful Woman in Brazil."


India's Malika is a trans woman who has undergone four surgeries and countless other medical procedures to become the woman she feels she was meant to be at birth. In 2011 she became the first Indian to be chosen to compete in the annual Miss International Queen competition in Thailand, a beauty pageant for transgendered people.

Kristian Ruscitti

One of the most attractive Transgender woman in the world lives in Portland OR and does modeling work around the world. She is an Italian/American model/make up artist, who has shoulder length silky brown hair and changeable green eyes. She has been in the fashion/beauty industry for nearly 20 years, beginning at the age of 19 as a designer fashion runway and print model in Milan, Italy. After tiring of the long hours and lifestyle, she returned home to live a more normal life. She has worked for the last 10 years for a major international cosmetic and beauty company as a make up artist and pursued my photographic modeling as opportunities have become available.

Nong Poy

Saknarin Marnyaporn, born on October 5, 1986, better known by the names Nong Poy or Treechada is a Thai actress and model. As a child, Poy knew she was a girl, but in front of her parents, she had to pretend and live as a male. She felt disgusted by her "male" genitals, so at the age of 17, she underwent sex reassignment surgery and since then, she has said that she feels as if she has been reborn. At age 19, Poy won the Miss Tiffany's 2004 and Miss International Queen 2004.

Kelly van der Veer

Kelly van der Veer is a Dutch former Big Brother contestant, singer and television personality. She was born a male named Ferry on May 6, 1980, but underwent sex reassignment surgery at the age of 19.
She currently resides in Hilversum and is 186 centimetres tall. Her childhood idol was Barbie.

Alicia Liu

Alicia Liu, born in Taiwan, was a normal budding model until someone from her high school days recognized her and spilled her identity to the media in 2009. In 2010 Alicia showed her newly issued national ID card in a public interview proofing she is now a female. Her once boyfriend, who was also a model, even backed her up and said : if she was a he, I would have noticed for sure! little did he know, she admitted to gender change surgery performed when she was 18, funded by her 2nd boyfriend at the time.

Nina Arsenault

Nina Arsenault — whose critically-acclaimed autobiographical play, The Silicone Diaries, decided a while back that she was tired of others telling the story of her journey to “reclaim” her body. She is 36-year-old former writer, lecturer and performer with two postgraduate degrees in theater and play writing. Nina Arsenault has had 60 surgeries in her transformation from male to female.

Rose Venkatesan

Rose Venkatesan is an Indian celebrity based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. She is a transgender, and has been active in many fields like television and radio. She was born in 1980, and raised as a boy named Ramesh Venkatesan. Rose became aware of her femininity when she was young around five years old and felt uncomfortable being a boy. She started dressing as a woman when she was in her early twenties.

Rose made her television debut in the talk show Ippadikku Rose which aired on Vijay TV. The show dealt with current affairs touching a wide variety of social issues including traditions, taboos, rebels and culture. The show began in February 2008 and ended in April 2009, with Rose shifting to Kalaignar TV for the show Idhu Rose Neram in July 2009. Having ended her television career in 2010, she became a Radio Jockey at BIG FM 92.7 in June 2011.

Chen Lili

Chen Lili was born in February, 1980. She is a transsexual singer, model, and actress from China. She became widely known in 2004 when she competed and attempted to compete in beauty pageants as a woman.

Named Chen Yongjun at birth, she was born into a peasant family at Yilong County, Nanchong City of Sichuan Province, she received sex reassignment surgery in Qingdao in November 2003. On February 11, 2004, she was issued an ID card establishing her female identity by the Public Security Bureau of Nanchong.

Chen attempted to compete in the Miss Universe contest in early 2004. Although the Miss Universe China committee initially announced, on February 23, that she would be allowed to participate, on February 25, they retracted their original decision, stating that she would not be allowed to participate because she was not a "natural female." Despite being barred from the competition, Chen was nonetheless given the opportunity to perform at the event. It is believed that Lili is the first transsexual woman to attempt to compete in the Miss Universe contest.

In late 2004, Chen competed in China's first Miss Artificial Beauty pageant. She finished as second runner up.In 2005, she appeared in the motion picture " The Secret ".

Candis Cayne

Candis Cayne is an American actress and performance artist. Known in the New York City nightclub scene since the 1990s, Cayne came to national attention in 2007 for portraying transgender mistress Carmelita on ABC's prime time drama " Dirty Sexy Money ". The role makes Cayne the first transgender actress to play a recurring transgender character in prime time.

Cayne, known as Brendan McDaniel prior to her transition. As of March 2009, Cayne was engaged to a disc jockey named Marco and lives in Los Angeles. However they broke up late March 2010. As of early 2012, she is dating someone named Alex Grimmer, from Maryland.

Estelle Asmodelle

Estelle Asmodelle was born 22 April 1964, Bowral, New South Wales, Australia, formerly known as Estelle Maria Croot, is an Australian model, belly dancer, writer, musician and actress. She is known as Australia's first legal transsexual with the Births, Deaths and Marriages Department of New South Wales.

Asmodelle is an Australian transsexual who was instrumental in gaining recognition for transsexual and transgender people through her solo campaign to gain rights for transsexuals. In 1986, she was labelled "Australia’s First Sex-Change Pin-up Girl". She is said to be the most photographed transsexual in Australia today.

Nina Poon

Nina Poon was born in 1975 in Saigon, Vietnam, the oldest child of traditional Chinese parents. Multi-faceted media artist Nina Poon immigrated with her family in 1978 to Orlando, Florida at age four. Nina took an early interest in fashion and illustration and gained entry into Miami's International Fine Arts College. At seventeen, Nina left home to fulfill her dream of becoming a fashion designer.

Nina currently lives in New York with her boyfriend, Robert Jason, an Emmy award winning producer and filmmaker. Nina appears in Jason's forthcoming docu-series on the lives of transsexual women in New York entitled BEING T. In addition to making appearances on the Fuse Network's PANTS OFF DANCE OFF and Style Network's SPLIT ENDS, Nina was cast in her first motion picture speaking role in director Dito Montiel's FIGHTING starring Terrence Howard and Channing Tatum.

Kenneth Cole chose Nina to star in his Fall 2008 international advertising campaign. She was the first transgender female to model in full page ads featured in Vanity Fair, Vogue, New York Times, Marie Claire, WWD and the list goes on. The campaign was nominated for two 2009 GLAAD Awards. Nina also continues to enjoy her work as a makeup artist, fashion illustrator and has recently added photo retouching to her list of talents.

Jamie Clayton

Jamie Clayton is an American transgender actress and model. Currently, Clayton can be seen playing the role of "Michelle" in the interactive web series Dirty Work. In 2011 Clayton played the role of "Kyla" on Season 3 of the HBO series Hung. In 2010 she co-hosted VH1's first makeover show TRANSform Me. Clayton is also a member of the performance art–rock group Roma!

Calpernia Addams

Calpernia Sarah Addams was born in February 20, 1971 is an American author, actress, musician, and a spokesperson and activist for transgender rights and issues.

Addams grew up in Nashville, Tennessee. She served as a Hospital Corpsman with the Navy and United States Marine Corps. During her last year in the military she came out as a transgender woman. Addams chose the name "Calpernia" from the William Shakespeare play Julius Caesar and its appearance on a tombstone in the film The Addams Family.

Addams said, "I hope This Is Our Love Story will help young transgender people as they come out. By seeing the happy, confident woman I've become, I hope I can act as a role model for these young people at a critical moment in their development." Addams writes a blog on gender issues for Psychology Today.

Lee Si-yeon

Lee Si-yeon was born as Lee Dae-hak on 24 July 1979. She is a South Korean transsexual actress and model. Lee debuted as a male model under her birth name Dae-hak, becoming known for her feminine appearance and wearing women's clothing on the catwalk, but ultimately wished to pursue a career as an actor. She appeared in the films My Boss, My Hero (2001) and Sex Is Zero (2002), providing comic relief in effeminate male roles, but felt pressured into cutting her hair and building up muscle. Lee recalled that, "once I entered showbiz, I was forced to live a life I didn't like", and growing increasingly unhappy, made several attempts at suicide before deciding to become a woman.

Adopting the given name Si-yeon, Lee underwent sex reassignment surgery in 2007, and admitted to having doubts over her sexuality since being in secondary school. She returned to acting later that year in the sequel Sex Is Zero 2, with her character from the original film now also a transsexual. Lee publicly announced her sex change prior to the release of the film, but was apprehensive about the reaction from audiences. Co-star Shin-ee observed that surgery had not changed her image much, and stated that she had always regarded Lee as a "kid sister".

Miriam Rivera

Miriam Rivera was born in circa on 1981. She is a Mexican transsexual woman who appeared on the reality television shows There's Something About Miriam and Big Brother Australia 2004. Miriam has also worked as an adult model under the name Victoria and as a non-adult model. She  wanted to be a girl by age four. She said while her three brothers liked baseball, Miriam preferred Barbie dolls.

She has stated she does not plan to have sex reassignment surgery, citing concerns about complications or loss of sensation. In 2008 she was a special guest Ewa Drzyzga's TVN show Rozmowy w toku in Poland. In a 2010 interview, Miriam told a British tabloid she was working as an escort in the London area. Miriam is now living and working in Valencia, Spain.

Carla Antonelli

Carla Delgado Gómez was born July 12, 1959 in Güímar, Tenerife, Canary Islands. She is a Canarian-Spanish actress who uses the stage name Carla Antonelli. She is also a noted LGBT rights activist who maintains a large support website for transgender and transsexual people, and on May 22, 2011, Antonelli was elected on the list of the Spanish Socialist Party to the Assembly of the Community of Madrid, becoming the first trans person elected to a legislature in Spain.

She has received several awards for her work. The Transsexual Collective of Madrid honored her in 2003 for her trailblazing efforts. She was honored by transgender groups in Catalonia and Andalusia in 2008 for her work on the Gender Identity Act.

Eva Robin's

Eva Robin's was born on 10 December 1958 in Bologna, Italy. She is a transgender Italian actress and activist. She was born male and developed extremely feminine features naturally. She considers herself an androgynous individual, rather than transsexual. She says that while she "was an apparently 'normal' boy growing up, at puberty she developed breasts and her body failed to masculinize like the other boys", which indicated an intersex condition. She felt that she was meant to be a woman, and changed her name accordingly.

Contrary to conflicting mentions, Eva currently does spell her last name with an apostrophe in it. She took her nom de plume from a character in Italy's Diabolik comics, Eva Kant, and writer Harold Robbins. She later saw the name "Robbins" spelled as "Robin's" and decided to take on that particular spelling.

Yasmin Lee

Yasmin Lee was born on June 3, 1983. She is an American transsexual film actress and model. She is of Thai, Cambodian, Chinese, and Brazilian heritage. Her family moved from Thailand to the Philippines before finally settling down in Orange County, California.

She joined the U.S. Navy at age 18, but left soon after due to sexuality-based harassment and pursued a career as a drag entertainer and make-up artist. She worked as a make-up artist for Hollywood actresses and music video sets. After beginning to transition, she left her job as a make-up artist due to fear of transphobic discrimination and began work as an assistant on pornography sets. She has made her way into mainstream roles with special appearances in various TV shows including The Maury Povich Show and The Tyra Banks Show. Additionally, she has acted in a few films, such as the 2011 horror release Red Ice and the hit 2011 comedy The Hangover Part II.

Helen Wong

Helen Wong was born on 10 August 1973 in Guizhou, China. She is better known by her stage name Allenina, is a Los Angeles-based, model, actress, dancer and emerging film director. Allenina grew up in Hong Kong and emigrated to the United States at age 17, residing in Los Angeles. Allenina is a trans woman and as such has worked most of her adult life. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Southern California.

Amanda Lepore

Amanda Lepore is an American model, fashion icon, nightlife hostess and performer. She is a transsexual icon who has received attention for entertainment and business skills. She has been the advertising face for Heatherette, M.A.C. (cosmetics), Mego Jeans, Swatch, CAMP Cosmetics and more. Fashion design company Heatherette has used Lepore’s image on much of their clothing and has chosen her several times to model their brand during Fashion Week. Lepore is also noted as a regular subject in much of David LaChapelle’s work. She participated in his Artists and Prostitutes 1985-2005 exhibit in New York where she “lived” in a voyeuristic life-sized set. She is represented by Classic Entertainment Group (Manhattan, New York). Lepore resides in New York City and works as a nightlife hostess at many of the city’s popular parties and clubs.

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Top 10 Evil Scientists in the History

Throughout time, scientist of one school or another have contributed great innovations to the world of medicine, alchemy, chemistry, physics, and more. Most of these gifts have been exceedingly useful and set the stage for even greater advances in the field. However, the coin has another side - a far more sinister and selfish side that somehow twists the very minds of the scientists making them want to do more harm than help. Granted, said scientific minds often believe that the evils that they are ultimately performing are doing good, and this is what truly makes these individuals mad. So, here are the ten of the most diabolical scientific minds in history. Take a look...

1. Shiro Ishii ( 1892 - 1959 )

Ishii was a microbiologist and the lieutenant general of Unit 731, a biological warfare unit of the Imperial Japanese Army during the Second Sino-Japanese War. He was born in the former Shibayama Village of Sanbu District in Chiba Prefecture, and studied medicine at Kyoto Imperial University. In 1932, he began his preliminary experiments in biological warfare as a secret project for the Japanese military. In 1936, Unit 731 was formed. Ishii built a huge compound - more than 150 buildings over six square kilometers - outside the city of Harbin, China.

Some of the numerous atrocities committed by Ishii and others under his command in Unit 731 include - vivisection of living people ( including pregnant women who were impregnated by the doctors ), prisoners had limbs amputated and reattached to other parts of their body, some prisoners had parts of their bodies frozen and thawed to study the resulting untreated gangrene. Humans were also used as living test cases for grenades and flame throwers. Prisoners were injected with inoculations of disease, disguised as vaccinations, to study their effects. To study the effects of untreated venereal diseases, male and female prisoners were deliberately infected with syphilis and gonorrhea via rape, then studied.

Having been granted immunity by the American Occupation Authorities at the end of the war, Ishii never spent any time in jail for his crimes and died at the age of 67 of throat cancer.

2. Dr. Joseph Mengele ( 1911 - 1979 )

Mengele gained notoriety chiefly for being one of the SS physicians who supervised the selection of arriving transports of prisoners, determining who was to be killed and who was to become a forced laborer, and for performing human experiments on camp inmates, amongst whom Mengele was known as the Angel of Death. On several occasions he killed subjects simply to be able to dissect them afterwards.

3. Dr. Sigmund Rascher ( 1909 - 1945 )

"Cold water immersion experiment claimed to be at Dachau concentration camp presided over by Professor Holzlohner (left) and Dr Rascher (right). The subject (a prisoner who was forced to participate) is wearing a Luftwaffe garment. Note the floating blocks of ice."

Rascher was a despicable scientist during the Nazi use of concentration camps during WWII. Rascher’s infamous medical experiments at the Dachau concentration camp included hypothermia research in which three hundred test subjects were used against their will (one third of them perished), in high-altitude, malaria and medication experiments. At Dachau, Rascher also developed the standard cyanide capsules, which could be easily bitten through, either deliberately or accidentally. Ironically, this became the means by which Himmler (Rascher’s friend) committed suicide.

4. Johann Konrad Dippel ( 1673 - 1734 )

Dippel was born at Castle Frankenstein and is rumored to be the inspiration for Shelley’s vile doctor. This is disputable, but what isn’t is the fact that this brilliant doctor performed vivisections on many recipients. Working with nitroglycerin he destroyed a tower, but also detected the medicinal use of it. It is rumored that he also preformed gruesome experiments within this tower with so called “cadavers”. Though the actual details of the experiments have never been truly confirmed it is rumored that he attempted to transfer the soul of one cadaver into another. Interestingly, his greatest contribution to the world was his animal oil ( Dippel’s oil: a nitrogenous by-product of the destructive distillation manufacture of bone char ) commonly known as a base product in Prussian blue – the low cost blue dye that is used to this day by artists; previously, blue dies were extremely expensive to create.

5. Members of the Tuskegee Study

For forty years between 1932 and 1972, the U.S. Public Health Service (PHS) conducted an experiment on 399 black men (mostly impoverished and poorly educated share-croppers) in the late stages of syphilis. The essence was to gather data on the course of the disease when left untreated. The researchers understood from the outset that test subjects would provide most of their useful information in the form of autopsies, so great pains were taken to insure that subjects didn’t obtain medical care elsewhere. The program came to an abrupt halt in 1972 when its existence was made public by the Washington Star. It would be easy to dismiss this as a case of simple racism by a public institution, but that is not the case: The project was enthusiastically hosted by the Tuskeegee Institute, a historically black college, and many key researchers and staff on the project were, themselves, black.

6. Dr. Jack Kevorkian ( 1928 - 2011 )

Kevorkian is most noted for publicly championing a terminal patient’s right to die via physician-assisted suicide and claims to have assisted at least 130 patients to that end. Imprisoned in 1999, he served eight years out of his 10-to-25-year prison sentence for second-degree murder in the 1998 poisoning of Thomas Youk, 52, of Oakland County, Michigan. The judge that convicted him said:

“You were on bond to another judge when you committed this offense, you were not licensed to practice medicine when you committed this offense and you hadn’t been licensed for eight years. And you had the audacity to go on national television, show the world what you did and dare the legal system to stop you. Well, sir, consider yourself stopped.”

Regardless of your views on euthanasia, the fact remains that Kevorkian swore an oath to save lives, not to take them.

7. Trofim Lysenko ( 1898 – 1976 )

While his experiments did not result in mass deaths, Lysenko needs to be on this list for his utter dishonesty in the field of Science that ultimately set the Soviet Union back decades in research. Lysenko was director of the Institute of Genetics and specialized in agricultural research. Lysenko’s habit was to report only successes. His results were based on extremely small samples, inaccurate records, and the almost total absence of control groups. There can be no doubt that there has never been such an abuse of the name of science as that of Lysenko. Here is a quote:

“In order to obtain a certain result, You must want to obtain precisely that result; if you want to obtain a certain result, you will obtain it …. I need only such people as will obtain the results I need.” Lysenko

8. Alfred Nobel ( 1833 - 1897 )

Discovering the use of nitroglycerine in his invention of dynamite, Nobel gave the world its first mass-produced use of deadly explosives. Killing first his own brother Emil and several others in a factory accident, the future death toll from his creation will number in the hundreds of thousands. Eventually he used his significant earned wealth to fund the yearly Nobel Prize to distract people from his invention, after reading his own obituary (mistakenly printed as he was not actually dead) which called him the “Merchant of Death”.

9. Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer ( 1904 - 1967 )

Heading up the Manhattan Project, the very group responsible for the creation and use of the atomic bomb, Dr. Oppenheimer was a brilliant nuclear physicist. Oppenheimer said he was “a member of just about every Communist Front organization on the West Coast,” a subscriber to the People’s World, a Communist Party organ, and, he testified, “I was associated with the Communist movement.” He claimed to be horrified by the result of the project’s work. A co-worker, Victor Weisskopf said:

"He did not direct from the head office. He was intellectually and even physically present at each decisive step. He was present in the laboratory or in the seminar rooms, when a new effect was measured, when a new idea was conceived. It was not that he contributed so many ideas or suggestions; he did so sometimes, but his main influence came from something else. It was his continuous and intense presence, which produced a sense of direct participation in all of us; it created that unique atmosphere of enthusiasm and challenge that pervaded the place throughout its time."

10. Paracelsus ( 1493 - 1541 )

Switzerland, Paracelsus’ contributions to toxicology were based heavily in astrology and he is quite well known for offering the community a wide array of useful ideas and innovations. However, for all of his use, he also thought he might be able to create homunculi, or small humans, who stood no more than a foot or so hight and performed actions very similar to Golems. His are said to have run away after turning on their master. The homunculus creation used bits of people including semen and hair.

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“The Dead Photos” - By Tom Phillips

Photographer Tom Phillips has created a unique series of shots, which he called “The Dead Photos”. On these photos, we can see dead men on the background of completely different landscapes. And the more the life on photos seems mundane, the more tragic seems the upside-down body lying on the pavement, in the desert or in the pool. The different between these photos is the different landscape in which it was take - it give us various thought about each and ever photo. Anyway take a look at this unusual photography...