Monday, June 11, 2012

10 Most Beautiful Confluence of River in the World

In geography, a confluence is the meeting of two or more bodies of water. Known also as a conflux, it refers either to the point where a tributary joins a larger river, called the main stem, or where two streams meet to become the source of a river of a new name. There is a unique beauty when the different two rivers join. So, let's look at such ten most beautiful confluence of river around the World.

1. Confluence of the Rhone and Arve Rivers in Geneva, Switzerland

2. Confluence of the Ilz, Danube, and Inn Rivers in Passau, Germany

3. Confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers at Cairo, IL, USA

4. Confluence of the Jialing and Yangtze Rivers in Chongqing, China

5. Confluence of the Rio Negro and the Rio Solimoes near Manaus, Brazil

6. Confluence of the Green and Colorado Rivers in Canyon lands National Park, Utah, USA

7. Confluence of the Thompson and Fraser Rivers in Lytton, BC, Canada

8. Confluence of the Alaknanda and Bhagirathi Rivers in Devprayag, India

9. Confluece of the Mosel and Rhine Rivers in Koblenz, Germany

10. Confluence of the Drava and Danuve Rivers near Osijek, Croatia

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