Thursday, July 26, 2012

Julius - The Friendly Pet Python ( 35 Photos )

The Albino Burmese Pythons start out life as bright orange and yellow on a white background color. As they mature, they become and pastel yellow color. The Albino Burmese was one of the first "investment" reptiles and has now become very affordable to acquire as a pet. These snakes will grow very large, but generally have very gentle and deliberate temperaments. Though Burmese pythons are generally quite docile, they are incredibly strong, and it just takes a single mistake in handling them (especially at feeding time when they are hungry) to have disastrous results.

Julius is one such pet Albino Burmese Pythons which is is considered as the largest female albino Burmese python in Germany. It was rescued in July 2003 when it was 8' long. Its nick name is Juliussssssss or Chicken Stock. It's owned by Jenner who lives in Los Angeles, California. Good citizen award for helping raise over $6oo to help homeless animals during PETCO's Spring A Pet fundraiser.

Spring a Pet is a fundraiser to address these and many more issues that our adoption partners work to combat every day. Moneys raised in the stores go directly into the communities in which they are raised, as well as to supplement funds used for grants and disaster relief in the upcoming months.

Julius is very popular. You can find pictures on Julius everywhere on the internet. This pet python has even got a Facebook profile with more than 500 likes. Julius like monopolizing the sofa, flattening shoes, loitering in the bathtub,  rabbits for dinner, looking out in the balcony, climbing on desks (especially ones with expensive computers), being in crowds of new people, hiding under towels and beds, sunbathing on the sidewalk. Here are some more cute photos of Julius - the pet python. Take a look...

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