Monday, January 2, 2012

40 Creative and Unusual Beverage Coasters

Coaster or Coasters may refer to as a beverage coaster on which to rest glasses of beverage. It's also called as beermat and is used to rest beverages upon. The main purpose is to protect the surface of a table or any other surface where the user might place their beverage. Now let's check out such cool and awesome coasters that will make a great addition to any cup of beverages...

iPhone Coasters
iPhone (iPad) fans out there… I know you’ll be drooling over these! The iPhone Coaster Set includes 16 coasters of different iPhone (iPad) menu icons.

Flowing City Coaster
A drop of water can turn into a flood on this micro-city coaster. Here, the city of Taipei, Taiwan is resized into a cup pad. Condensation from the cup can slowly flood the city especially during hot summer seasons. The water will first fill up the river and slowly work its way into the narrower streets and alleys. Enjoy the view from above as it also reminds us of the importance of water resource.

Tic Tac Toe Coasters
These Tic Tac Toe coasters make coffee breaks twice as fun! The rubber coasters double as a game of Tic Tac Toe by removing the crosses from the coasters, creating ten playing pieces. By wetting the coasters You can stick them to any smooth surface, like tiles or mirrors. So y ou can pretty much play with them anywhere around the house.

Bread Coasters
Set of unusual coasters designed to look like a loaf of sliced bread.

OXO Good Grips Coasters
These cool beverage coasters are equipped with a pattern that holds liquid and promotes air flow so coasters won’t stick to glassware.

Stainless Steel Puzzle Coasters
Elegant jig-saw puzzle inspired coaster set made of stainless steel.

Pixel Drink Coasters
Each coaster is made up of 110 individual 1cm square “pixels” which are perfed in a way that lets you selectively remove blocks from each square. Through what sort of amounts to “pixel sculpting”, you can create your own personalized designs. They come in a stack of 50 coasters, which start out conjoined into a 500cm (almost 200″) long chain which can be broken apart into individual pieces. Each square has a random arrangement of color shades, so each coaster is just a little different from the next one.

Chalkboard Coasters
Perfect for writing down names of people and drinks at parties.

Stay on Coasters
Innovative beverage coasters will always “stay on” your wine glass.

Shadow Coaster
Experience the strange feeling that the shadow of your cup is not what it’s supposed to be! Available in 2 shadows, Coffee Mug and Soda Can.

Fred’s Clumsy Coasters
At first sight, it might look like someone has spilled their drink and it’s time for you to worry about your wooden surface. Fact is, that’s just a clumsy coaster. Fred’s Clumsy Coasters are little faux spills, meant as a joke to freak out the neat-freak in your life.

Wine Bottle Coaster
Stays with the bottle and catches drops. Fits 750 ml wine bottles.

Big Head Coasters
These funky coloured coasters can be stood up as interesting figures when not in use. Not only does this make visitors curious, but when you show them their real use, step back, because people will get excited.

Pallet Coasters
Stackable coasters are exact miniatures of the industrial models.

Fruit Coasters
Unique coasters feature interior ridges designed to capture condensation and steady beverages.

Cutlery Coasters
Modern coasters created out of laser cut and folded steel sheets.

Cheeseburger Coasters
Set includes lettuce, tomato, cheese, meat, and two bread coasters.

Designer Set Coasters
This set of coasters is designed for designers, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamwaver, AfterEffect and Flash… Seems like we got lots of creativeness here…

A Black Hole in The Table Coasters
The black hole is actually a creative coaster that results in a perfect 3D effect.

splat stan coaster
A victim of a tragic drinking incident. Stan was happy and completely oblivious to the dangerous conditions. There were heavy drinks being hoisted and lowered all around him, yet he always felt perfectly safe. Then Stan got splatted by a giant pint. Now the only thing he can do is protect your table top from tea and coffee stains. He was never the smartest fellow but now he’s a clever coaster for your mugs and glasses.

Hamburger Coaster Set – Each Piece an Individual Coaster
American Burger Coaster Set – each piece of the burger is a separate individual coaster. Buns, burger, tomato and of course, lettuce. It’s definitely cool as far as coasters go.

Vinyl Record Coasters
These unusual beverage coasters will protect the table and display your passion for vinyl records.

Bear Rug Coasters
Brown and white bear rug coasters will start plenty of conversations.

Shoe Coasters
Wine sneakers will protect the table and help you identify your glass.

Seashell Flip Flop Coasters Deluxe w/ Wine Bag
Stylish and perfect for summer, these vibrantly colored Seashell flip flop coasters make the perfect complement to your bottle of wine. Just slip one of these flip flop coasters onto your wine glass / pilsner / martini and it will travel with you as you mingle and socialize. Not to mention you’ll easily be able to identify which glass is yours! This deluxe set includes 4 coasters and a Jute wine bag which holds the four coasters a bottle of wine for easy carrying. A great gift idea for picnics, pool parties, or birthdays!

spill coasters
These coasters are so great. These fluid shaped coasters provide a useful place to rest your teaspoon or drinks stirrer. The sculpted surface draws any liquid into the centre, ensuring any spillages stay where they belong.

Cloud Coasters
Die cut coasters made out of the finest natural and dense cork.

OOPS! Bottle Opener & Coaster
OOPS! Bottle Opener & Coaster handy on your counter. It doubles as a coaster too! Two assorted colors, peggable clear clamshell packing.

Dexter Blood Spattered Coasters
Blood spattered coasters inspired by the popular TV show Dexter.

Rubik’s Cube Coasters
Creative coasters look like a complete Rubik’s Cube when stacked.

Screte message coaster
"What appears to be a coaster with printing gone wrong… Am I drunk already?". But Is actually an optical illusion/secret messages that uses a Guinness glass as a decoder.

Super Mario Bros. 3 Coasters
Coasters based on characters from Super Mario Bros. 3.

Sponge Coasters
Sponge Coasters protect the surface the drink is on, while also being near to hand to quickly deal with any spilt liquids.

Soft Sector Coasters
If you still remember paper sticky tabs for write protecting your favorite VGA game then this colorful nostalgic set is for your desk. Ah the good old days of beeping PCs.

Coaster Puzzles
Available in a variety of designs, these unique coaster puzzles separate to become four handy coasters.

CoasterGlow Coaster
A coaster that will light up only when there is something sitting on top of it.

PlaceMaths Coasters
Practice your maths at the table! This set of 5 die-cut industrial felt coasters comes in four reversible color options and will bring out the young student in you and your guests.

Nintendo Mario Coasters
A set of 6 coasters made from Perler Beads with a Perler Bead box. The coasters are power-ups from the Super Mario Bros. games, and the box is a Question Mark Block.

LEGO Coasters
The creativity for coming up with fun new products inspired by the classic plastic building bricks from the Danish LEGO company never ends. The latest example is this set of flexible 3-D textured coasters.

Golden Track Coasters
Clear your head, focus on those rails and hold that glass steady. On your marks… Get set… GO!!! These drive down memory lane coasters can link with each other forming a slot car race track.

6-Pack Coasters
A nod to Americana, these coasters were inspired by the conventional 6-pack. Just pop out the individual coasters for use, then put them back in the ring for storage.

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