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World's Top 10 Fastest Roller Coasters

The roller coaster is a popular amusement ride developed for amusement parks and modern theme parks. Everyone would love to take a ride in the roller coaster. But there are some people who are scared too. Roller coasters are also known for it's speed, so we bring you a collection of some of the top speed roller coasters in the world.

10. Phantom's Revenge Kennywood, West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USA

Top Speed: 82 mph / 131.9 km/h

In 2001, the Phantom's Revenge was built to replace the Steel Phantom, which had consistently been ranked in the top five roller coasters in the world. It includes a 228 foot drop, subterranean tunnel, and reaches a maximum speed of 82 miles per hour. For the sake of tradition, some of the features of the Steel Phantom were retained, including the steel track. Replacing the loops and corkscrew, it now offers an array of hills and drops. With more than 1400 roller coasters in the world how do you know which ones to pack into your summer? If you are crazy about speed then here are ten of the fastest rollers coasters in the world. The interesting fact about this list is that USA holds seven places in ten.

9. Goliath Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia, California, USA

Top Speed: 85 mph / 136.7 km/h

Not only is the Goliath the 9th fastest roller coaster, but it also has the third highest drop and is the seventh tallest (standing at over 20 stories high). It includes a 255 foot drop, at 85 miles per hour, leading to a tunnel full of smoke. It also includes camel-like humps and an amazing bunny hop in which riders float off their seats due the force. It is recognized as one of the most entertaining roller coasters in the world.

8. Titan Six Flags Over Texas, Arlington, Texas, USA

Top Speed: 85 mph / 136.7 km/hT

he Titan was built by the same Swiss designers that built the Goliath but includes extra twists. It has 5,280 feet of track, allowing for more drops, loops, and corkscrews. After dropping from the 255 foot hill, you are plunged in to a dark tunnel at the speed of 85 miles per hour. Titan includes a spiral that creates forces of up to 4.5gs.

7. Millennium Force Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio, USA

Top Speed: 93 mph / 149.7 km/h

Debuting in May, 2000, the Millennium Force is one of the highest roller coasters in the world. It boasts 10 world records. It rises to a height of 310 feet and travels through Cedar Point Park before crossing on to an island. During the trip you experience corkscrew turns in dark tunnels, 300 foot drops, and an 80 degree plummet down its highest point. The 2 minute 20 second ride covers 13 acres of track.

6. Steel Dragon 2000 Nagashima Spa Land, Mie Prefecture, Japan

Top Speed: 95 mph / 152.9 km/h

Steel Dragon 2000 is the tallest coaster to utilize a traditional chain lift. Because of the length of the lift hill, two chains are used one for the bottom half and one for the top half. A single chain would have been excessively long and heavy, at least twice the weight of one of the trains. As a result, two trains can safely occupy the lift simultaneously. It debuted only months after Millennium Force and surpassed the Cedar Point coaster as the world's tallest complete-circuit coaster. It also set a record for longest track length 8133 feet, 2 inches (2479 m).

5. Superman: The Escape Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia, California, USA

Top Speed: 100 mph / 161 km/h

Superman: The Escape, is probably the most hair-raising of the coasters listed here. Instead of looping and twisting, the Escape is a straight track that rises to 41 stories in a matter of seconds and then, after pausing, drops back down. The ride is L-shaped and accelerates to 100 miles per hour (the first roller-coaster to reach that speed) in 7 seconds. The drop involves 6.5 seconds of weightlessness and when you drop, you drop backwards.

4. Tower of Terror Dreamworld, Coomera, Queensland, Australia

Top Speed: 100 mph / 161 km/h

Tower Of Terror is a steel reverse freefall coaster. The six ton passenger vehicle, is electro-magnetically powered, accelerating its passengers rapidly to 160.9 km/h (100 mph) in seven seconds. The track then turns skyward, with the passengers pulling 4.5 G's. The car climbs to almost 38 stories high. Following the climb, there is a 6.5 second free-fall before the 90 degree turn is executed in reverse. The vehicle then hurtles into the station where it comes to a rapid stop.

3. Dodonpa Fuji-Q Highland, Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi, Japan

Top Speed: 106.9 mph / 172 km/h

Dodonpa opened in 2001 and is a steel sit-down roller coaster with a compressed air launch. It is 52 metres (170 feet) tall, and has a launch speed of 172 km/h (107 mph), which is reached in less than 2 seconds. The launch is followed by a huge, sweeping, overbanked curve, giving riders a chance to catch their breath back, before they hit the 170 foot top hat; an element with some extreme negative G forces. The name `Dodonpa' comes from the musical sound which is played to customers waiting to board it.

2. Top Thrill Dragster Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio, USA

Top Speed: 120 mph / 193 km/h

Top Thrill Dragster was the first "Strata Coaster," loosely defined as a complete circuit coaster that is 400 to 499 feet tall. It was the last one to use lapbars instead of over-the-shoulder restraints due to mechanical problems. Shortly after reaching its maximum velocity in less than four seconds, the train begins its ascent up a 90-degree incline that has a 90-degree counter-clockwise twist that takes the train straight over the top of the 420 foot hill, where riders will experience significant airtime (zero g-forces). On the way down the other side, there is a 270-degree clockwise twist that leads into the magnetic braking section that brings the train to a swift but comfortable stop.

1. Kingda Ka Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson Township, New Jersey, USA

Top Speed: 128 mph / 206 km/h

Kingda Ka is not just the fastest, but also the tallest roller coaster in the world. A hydraulic launch mechanism rockets the train from 0 to 128 miles per hour (206 km/h) in 3.5 seconds, pulling about 1.67 g's. At the end of the launch track, the train climbs the main tower, twisting 90 degrees to the right before reaching a height of 456 feet (139.5 m). The train then descends 418 feet (127 m) straight down through a 270-degree spiral. Finally, the train climbs the second, 129 foot hill, producing a moment of weightlessness before being smoothly brought to a stop by the magnetic brakes. Due to the high speed and open nature of the trains, this ride will not operate in even light rain, as rider contact with rain drops can cause discomfort

Japan's Ghost Island - Hashima Island

Hashima Island, commonly called Gunkanjima or Gunkanshima which means Battleship Island, is one among 505 uninhabited islands in the Nagasaki Prefecture about 15 kilometers from Nagasaki itself. The island was populated from 1887 to 1974 as a coal mining facility. The island's most notable features are the abandoned concrete buildings and the sea wall surrounding it. The island has been administered as part of Nagasaki city since 2005; it had previously been administered by the former town of Takashima. Now let's have a look at some picture of this Ghost Island..

It is known for its coal mines and their operation during the industrialization of Japan. Mitsubishi bought the island in 1890 and began the project, the aim of which was retrieving coal from undersea mines. They built Japan's first large concrete building (9 stories high), a block of apartments in 1916 to accommodate their burgeoning ranks of workers and to protect against typhoon destruction.

The island is increasingly gaining international attention not only as one of the modern international heritages in the region, but also as the housing complex remnants in the years from Taishō era to Shōwa era. It has become the frequent subject of discussion among enthusiasts for ruins. In 2009, the island was featured in History Channel's Life After People, first season episode "The Bodies Left Behind" as an example of the decay of concrete buildings after only 35 years of abandonment.

Some Colors That Reveal About You...

Everyone likes color, In fact every one wants the earth and the life to be colorful. But do you know that the color also tells you about what ourselves. Well! here are some different shades of colors, find out what they tell about you...

Shades of Red
For centuries, red has meant passion, and that's why getting two dozen red roses from a special someone means "I love you big time." People who are partial to shades of red, from apple and rose red to tomato and fire engine, generally are optimistic, outgoing and, well, passionate about life.

Shades of Yellow
It's a cliche that yellow is sunny, and those who pick shades of this color for their decor tend to be sunny, too. But they go a lot deeper than that: People who love yellow also tend to be intellectual and adventurous and place a high value on freedom.

Renowned for both its sexiness and class, black is best used in small doses in decor lest its powerful aura overwhelm the space. Lovers of all things black tend to impress in an understated way and generally promote the idea that they aren't telling all.

Shades of Green
Really going green means lathering swaths of sage or leaf green on the walls. Green sends out natural vibes in a big way, and people who want to be surrounded by shades of green tend to like balance and can be counted on to be civilized.

Shades of Purple
From lavender to eggplant, plum and dark regal purple, shades of this mix of blue and red add drama and flair to any decor. Purple lovers are pretty dramatic themselves, and they tend to be artistic and unconventional.

Shades of White
People who choose white for their surroundings likely believe that "pure as the driven snow" is more than a cliche. Using shades of white is a clue to a personality that finds comfort in simplicity and sees the world through a youthful, innocent lens.

Shades of Orange
A space filled with shades of orange exudes vitality and cheer. The people who decorate rooms with orange hues tend to be outgoing, social and easy to be with, even if they do like to be the center of attention.

Shades of Gold
Gold, the color of wealth, opulence and glamour -- exudes boldness with warmth and luxury. This shade also has a long, regal history, so traditionalists may opt for gold, too, providing an air of welcoming elegance.

Shades of Gray
Those who decorate in all gray seek peace and tranquility and have an eye for modern interior design. As the shade between white and black, those who decorate in gray are partial to compromise.

Shades of Pink
Ah, pink, the color of passion and affection. Those who decorate with pink adore attention and are often charismatic. Soft blushes offer a delicate look to a room. Pair pinks with gray and blacks for a modern take.

Shades of Maroon
A mature personality chooses a maroon color palette. Less bright than red, those who decorate in this shade are generous, yet they know what they want. Controlled passion is the name of the game for accents, furniture and wall colors in maroon.

Shades of Brown
Love brown? Maybe you also have a stubborn streak? People who like brown prefer stability and like to be dependable for their friends and family, but they can also be obstinate. Brown decor depicts roots and helps make a room feel grounded. Find ways to complement this shade with an accent color to avoid making the room drab.

Shades of Beige
If sophistication and modern aesthetic appeal to you, but white and brown are two stark, beige is a warm neutral that's ideal for those who seek simplicity, yet solid, earthy shade. People who decorate in beige have a lightness to their personalities and often enjoy calmness.

Shades of Citron
If you blend yellow and green and let them age gracefully, that's citron. Shades of citron suggest vitality and longevity like yellow, but also have an element of harmony and balance. This color complements dark woods and hardwood floors. Those with citron are probably dependable, yet opinionated friends.

Shades of Blue
Are you blue? Those who lean toward blue generally are calm, compassionate and follow a steady course. Reminiscent of both sky and water, shades of blue appeal to those with peaceful and quiet personalities.

Unbelievable - Daring Fire Breathing

Fire breathing is the act of generate a fireball through breathing a fine spray of fuel over an open flame blaze. Correct skill and the accurate fuel make the illusion of risky to improve the novelty of fire breathing, while falling the risk to health and safety. When using the exact fuel, it will just light when sprayed into a well haze growing the surface area of the fuel so that the fuel/oxygen/heat ratio is balanced sufficient to reason burning. Performing arts with flames has a lot of inherent risks. Having an aggressively spotting skilled safety helper with an appropriate fire blanket and fire extinguisher is an suitable finest perform when fire breathing and is a mandatory section in the majority insurance policies for trained fire breathers. Here are some stunning collections of some daring Fire Breathing...