Friday, February 24, 2012

23 Creative and Unusual Computer Keyboard Art

Many decades ago, when typewriters were more common than the computer or its keyboard, learning how to type was a great deal. In fact, many people would enroll in typing classes so that they could learn how to type, which may now sound like an absurd idea. However, with the advent of computers a few decades ago, most people began to realize that the QWERTY keyboards aren't exotic but were now here to stay. Now, computer keyboards are so omnipresent that they have almost become the universal mode of communication, and the QWERTY keypad can be seen on not just computers but also cellphones, and other devices. Now, let us take a look at some of the Artworks inspired by these Computer Keyboards..

Viper Snake Sculpture Using a Keyboard

The Viper Snake Sculpture has been created using various QWERTY keyboard keys, and it almost looks real. The snake sculpture also comes with a scary tongue that I would not miss with and some simple computer mice to better present the predator.

Keyboard Wall Graphics

These Keyboard Wall Graphics by Zek are an way to redesign your interiors, especially if you are a geek and wanted to show your visitors how much you love working on the computer.

Classic Mac Keyboard Skull T-Shirt

Classic Mac Keyboard Skull T-Shirt comes with a great design printed on the bust and has been created by a U.K. based fashion designer to be cool and geeky at the same time.

Chia Computer Keyboard

If you thought computers could not be green ever, think for another second. Here is a cool keyboard that is not just green but is literally green! The Chia Computer Keyboard has got grass growing in it for a more Eco-friendly environment.

Pirate Computer Keyboard

The Pirate Computer Keyboard is a bizarre gadget that has been designed for pirates only. Since one could assume that pirates can't read, they can be taught to press 'space', the 'enter', the 'shift', etc. I am not sure which pirate would like to get a gadget like this, but at least it helps them write the "rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" they are so famous of saying.

Skateboard Computer Keyboard

If you are a geek who secretly wanted to be a hunky Skateboarder, you could nurture your secret dreams by getting a Skateboard Computer Keyboard. There can't be a better gift than this to a geek, but it probably won't be as useful to really do tricks with.

Geeky Computer Chair

If you get tired after a long day's work and would like to relax on a geeky chair, you could get yourself this Colorful Keyboard Chair which comes with numbers, colors and a smooth texture; just like a geek would appreciate.

CTRL Button Lamps

If you want to light up your room with some geeky brightness, you could try the CTRL Button Lamps that are cute, chic and well designed.

QWERTY Rubik's Cube

For the messed up souls who really enjoy the Rubik's Cube and want to show people how complex their life is, you could get yourself the QWERTY Rubik's Cube. It just can't be solved as there is no sequence in it.

Keyboard Sneaker

If you are the kind of person who wants to show off how geeky you are even in terms of clothes, go and get yourself a Keyboard Sneaker which looks pretty horrendous.

Intriguing Keyboard Art

The many who never believed computer keyboards could not be artsy, think again, for the Intriguing Keyboard Art has been designed by Jean Shin and has used Command Key Caps.

Keyboard Plastics and Electronics Art

If you thought the above picture was damn artistic, take a look at this Keyboard Electronics Art that comes with strange designs in place of keys.

Textile Keyboard

Anyone who thought the largest keyboard came with a certain super computer, think again! This Textile Keyboard could just be the longest, and the most flexible too!

Keyboard Fashion Bag

Any geek who would like to store all their geeky gadgets in a bag could certainly enjoy this Geeky Keyboards Fashion Bag. It looks really bright!

S'mores Keyboard

If you are a geek with a sweet tooth, you would love the S'mores Keyboard that comes with an amazing taste and flavor for geeks with a sweet tooth.

Keyboard Bike Handlebar

Most bikers and Harley Davidson fans do not like to sit in front of a bike. However, if you were a geek who also loved bikes, you could take a look at the Keyboard Bike Handlebar for some personalization.

Keyboard Jewelery

If you have ever been to the Camden Market in London, you would know that geek fashion is quite rampant in the street fashion scene. Here is a cool Computer Keyboard inspired line of jewelery for those interested.

Keyboard Chair

Those who wanted to recline on something very geeky, you should get this Reclined Computer Keyboard Chair. It is black and sensual.

Old Keyboard Parts Lamp

They say, technology drives away the darkness. If you are surrounded by darkness, buy a geeky Old Keyboard Lamp and brighten your ambiance.

Keyboard Stools

If you get tired of hammering away on the computer, take a break and relax on these comfortable Keyboard Key Stools, that are geeky, stylish and funny.

CTRL Pendant

Geeks who get tired of wearing the same old jewelery over and over could really shock the latest fashion by wearing the Alt CTRL Del Pendant.

Keyboard Pillows

After a long day's work and leading a geeky life, you would be tired and would need some sleep. Sleep away by using this geeky Keyboard Pillow, and this way, you never have to leave your desk.

Angel Kitty keyboard

The Angel Kitty keyboard is designed to be wrapped around the chest area. The keyboard is bendable to avoid damage to delicate body parts. It is compatible with Windows. The Angel Kitty USB Keyboard is available in a variety of sizes. The Angel Kitty USB keyboard is available in Japan for 15,750 Yen (approx. $ 140).

The Viceroy Bali Resort - A Resort in Heaven...

Nestled on a hill near Balis Valley of the Kings, Viceroy Bali Resort offers accommodation units that combine comfort and privacy. The 25 villas of the resort are integrated within this scenic landscape, allowing each of the guests here to enjoy exquisite views from the comfort of their cottage-like dwelling. Despite their partially-rustic appearance, the villas come with the latest electronic amenities, as well as a pool and private outdoor spaces for relaxation.

Some of the features of the resort include a bar with a famous collection of scotches and cognacs, a restaurant serving a contemporary French menu influenced by exotic Asian flavors, a Spa offering sublime views of the Petanu River valley, a conference room, a gymnasium and a helicopter pad. Even though the uniqueness and charm of this resort derives from its secluded nature, for visitors wanting to experience local culture, the village of Ubud lies just minutes away. Now take a look at some of the beautiful photos of such a wonderful place...

25 Drunkest Countries in the World - 2011

Alcohol is a psychoactive drug that has a depressant effect. A high blood alcohol content is usually considered to be legal drunkenness because it reduces attention and slows reaction speed. Alcohol can be addictive, and the state of addiction to alcohol is known as alcoholism. Most of the people in some countries are too much addicted to these alcoholic beverages such as beers, wines, and spirits.

 A 2011 report by the World Health Organization states that 2.5 million deaths per year are caused by alcohol. "Almost 4% of all deaths worldwide," the report says, "are attributed to alcohol, greater than deaths caused by HIV/AIDS, violence or tuberculosis." Taking into account government data, surveys conducted by WHO, and other sources, the report provides a snapshot of alcohol consumption in the organization's 193 member countries. According to WHO, rates of consumption are generally highest in the developed world and rates of abstention are generally lowest in countries with large Muslim populations.

Now let's take a look at the top 25 drunkest countries in the world according to this report. The report looked at alcohol consumed in various forms (including beer, wine and spirits), but the numbers listed are given in terms of the average amount of pure alcohol consumed annually per capita in each country.

25. Latvia - 3.30 gal./person

24. Finland - 3.31 gal./person

23. Germany - 3.38 gal./person

22. Luxembourg - 3.44 gal./person

21. Austria - 3.50 gal./person

20. Netherlands - 3.50 gal./person

19. Slovakia - 3.52 gal./person

18. Denmark - 3.53 gal./person

17. United Kingdom - 3.53 gal./person

16. France - 3.61 gal./person

15. Ireland - 3.81 gal./person

14. Portugal - 3.84 gal./person

13. South Korea - 3.91 gal./person

12. Lithuania - 3.97 gal./person

11. Croatia - 3.99 gal./person

10. Belarus - 4.00 gal./person

9. Slovenia - 4.01 gal./person

8. Romania - 4.04 gal./person

7. Andorra - 4.09 gal./person

6. Estonia - 4.11 gal./person

5. Ukraine - 4.12 gal./person

4. Russia - 4.16 gal./person

3. Hungary - 4.30 gal./person

2. Czech Republic - 4.35 gal./person

1. Moldova - 4.81 gal./person

Bonus Rankings...

56. United States - 2.49 gal./person

188. Yemen ( last place ) - 0.01 gal./person