Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bicycle That Runs At 80 Kmph - The Audi e-bike

Audi unveiled an extremely emotion-inspiring sports machine, the Audi e-bike Wrthersee at Wrthersee in Carinthia, Austria. The prototype cycle combines an electric drive and muscle power.

Head of Design Wolfgang Egger comments: As a high-performance e-bike for sports and trick cycling, it features the Audi core competences of design, ultra, e-tron and connect.

The Audi e-bike Wrthersee puts in its first major appearance at this years Wrthersee Tour, the 31st meet for Audi, VW, Seat and Skoda fans where the trial biker Julien Dupont and downhill specialist Petra Bernhard will demonstrate their stunts and street-bike skills.

The uncompromising dynamism of the bike prototype is fully visible at first sight. When developing the Audi e-bike Wrthersee, the designers drew on motor racing design principles for inspiration, explains Hendrik Schaefers, one of the designers at Concept Design Studio Munich.

The e-bike appears incredibly precise, highly emotional and strictly functional. Indeed, the design effort focused on its function as a sports machine. All design elements are thus firmly aligned to the technical features.

The airy frame boasts a low center of gravity and a compact overall volume. In this way, the e- bike is superbly agile at the sporty handling limits. The lithium-ion battery is incorporated into the frame and needs 2.5 hours to fully charge. On long trial tours, only a few simple steps are required to remove the battery and replace it with a charged one.

The frame and the swinging arm that holds the back wheel are made of carbon fiber- reinforced polymer (CFRP). The same material is used for the 26 wheels, which feature an innovative Audi ultra blade design with broad flat spokes for an optimized transmission of pedal power.

"We were able to demonstrate with the choice of materials just how closely design goes hand in hand with expertise in ultra lightweight construction", Hendrik Schaefers comments.

Homogeneous LED light strips round out the frame and create the immediately recognizable Audi light signature. For extreme tricks and stunts the seat can be lowered to run flush with the frame itself. At the press of a button, the seat then rises up and the biker can adopt a comfortable position.

When performing wheelies, an electronic control system supports the rider when performing tricks and back-wheel biking. Different modes can be set using a smartphone or directly on the e-bike either Power Wheelie mode, with adjustable wheelie angle for less skilled bikers or Balanced Wheelie mode for sporting challenges.

10 Amazing Facts About Our Human Body

Our bodies are truly amazing things. But in these busy life, we sometimes forget just how amazing they are. However, the human body is a truly revolutionary machine of evolution and while we don’t have wings, armor, venom, or claws, but there are some truly cool things about our bodies that some people will hardly believe. Here are some 10 vital facts about our complex machine...

1. You Can Live Without Many of Your Internal Organs

Many of us think that if we were to lose one of our internal organs, we would die immediately, and while this is true for the heart, it is not so true for other internal organs. In fact, you can remove your spleen, one kidney, one lung, as well as 75 percent of your liver, 80 percent of your intestines and most of the organs located in your pelvis and groin area. That’s right, all of those organs can disappear and you will still be functioning. You may not function so well, and you may not live for as long as you hoped, but yes, you can live without those organs.

2. The Death of Hundreds of Millions

Each minute, our body is dying, this is a fact. Each time 60 seconds has passed by; our body has lost 300,000,000 cells. Yep, that’s right, that many cells, which amount to the population of the United States, die in our bodies every single minute. While this may seem like a lot of dying cells, and you would think our bodies would decay within hours, there are more cells being born than dying in our bodies. Each day, 10 to 50 trillion (50,000,000,000,000) cells are replaced in our body.

3. Your Hair Is the Superman of the Body

When we say your hair is the Superman of the body, what we mean is that your hair is pretty much indestructible. Hair decays at an extremely slow rate and that means hair often stays around longer than most other parts of your body. In fact, mummies that date back thousands of years still have hair on their heads. Changes in climate, humidity and temperature can’t hurt your hair, and neither can many different varieties of acids and chemicals. The only real weakness your hair has is to fire, which is probably because your hair is made up of so much carbon.

4. Beware the Power of Stomach Acids

Your stomach is a very powerful part of your body. The stomach acids that sit inside of our stomach are so strong that they can dissolve zinc. You would think that such a strong acid would eat through our body in seconds, but our stomach lining actually renews itself so fast that there is not enough time for the acid to eat through the lining. If it was not for this renewing capacity, we would have a large hole in our body within minutes.

5. Your Lungs, Bones and Nails!

Here are essentially three facts in one. First, your lungs are full of tiny blood vessels called capillaries. In both your lungs, there are 300,000 million capillaries and if you were to take all of these capillaries and lay them out end-to-end, they would stretch for 1,500 miles. Second, we can break our bones but our bones are actually quite strong. One block of bone the size of a matchbox can support the weight of nine tones, which is actually four times as much weight as concrete can hold. Third, your fingernails are constantly growing and if you lose a fingernail, it will take roughly half a year for the nail to grow back from the base to the tip.

6. We Grow Every Night

Yes, that’s right, every single night your body grows by a little bit. It is estimated that the human body grows about one-third of an inch while you sleep because your cartilage discs are squeezed by the force of gravity when you are standing or sitting. So, when you wake up and start walking, your height shrinks back down to your normal height.

7. Nature’s Filter

Your kidneys help to get rid of toxins from our bodies and without our kidneys, both of them, we would die. The reason for this is the amazing filter capacity of kidneys. Each kidney contains one million filters. This means your body has two million individual filters in it, which filter out 1.3 liters of blood per minute and expel 1.4 liters of urine per day! Without this vitally important filtering, our bodies would quickly fill with toxins and we would soon find ourselves very sick and very close to death. This is why people whose kidneys have failed need to be hooked up to kidney dialysis machines.

8. Our Bodies Are Hot, Hot, Hot!

The human body is one big energy producing machine. When you look at a picture of the human body with infrared technology, all you see is radiating heat. That heat is generated within our bodies and it helps to keep us alive. In fact, the human body generates so much heat that in only 30 minutes, the average body gives off enough heat (throughout the entire body) to bring half a gallon of water to boil. That may not seem like much given you can boil water in only a few minutes on the stove, but remember that your body is boiling this water by doing nothing but what it does every day; keep you alive!

9. We Are Visual Beings

We are visual beings because of the amount of information we process through our eyes, rather than through other senses. While bats may process most of their information through their ears, we process 90 percent of all our information through our eyes. The other 10 percent of the information is processed by our other four senses of touch, taste, smell and sound.

10. Breaking the Speed Limit

Our bodies do not move as fast as other animals, the cheetah for example, but we can exceed 100 miles per hour with something; our sneezes. When we sneeze, we expel air from our nose and mouth at the whopping speed of 100 miles per hour. That is pretty fast considering that it is coming out of our face and many may wonder why we do not blow our nose clean off with that kind of force.

An Indian Who Changed a Pressure Cooker Into an Espresso Coffee Machine...

A pressure cooker with a modification that can cost around 200 Rupees ( About $4 )  and you've got an espresso machine!

Conventionally, the pressure cookers have been used for making food only. However, Mohammed Rozadeen, aged 46 was born in Motihari, Champaran in 1963. has modified the ordinary cooker to convert it into an espresso / cappuccino coffee making machine. The modified cooker is used to boil water and generate steam. Through a long delivery pipe having a regulator, high pressure steam is used to make frothy, tasty coffee.

The coffee cooker

The innovation is a pressure cooker modified to incorporate a copper delivery pipe on its lid to transfer the steam generated inside to a container outside.

Fabricated from locally available material, this coffee cooker consists of an ordinary pressure cooker fitted with a copper pipe, a pressure releasing valve actuated by moving a lever (screw driver originally used). The copper pipe along with valve has been fitted on the top of lid by gas welding.

Water is heated in the cooker. Once sufficient steam pressure is reached, it is released by moving the lever upwards. The delivery tip of the copper pipe has been constricted to create more pressure at the point of release of steam. The safety valve below the handle and the whistle has not been touched. Mohammed Rozadeen has named it as ‘JP Ustad coffee cooker’.

Take a look at his innovative process of make the cappuccino coffee using the modified pressure cooker...

The cost of coffee cooker depends upon its size. A new 10 liter capacity cooker costs Rs. 2000 while a modified old one costs Rs. 750. Similarly a new 5 liter cooker costs Rs 1000 and an old one Rs. 500. If someone brings his own cooker, he does the modifications in only Rs. 250. This modification can be done in any size of pressure cooker. There are other coffee makers available but in this case the novelty lies in generating the steam in pressure cooker and directing it through a delivery pipe into a jug containing coffee powder, milk and sugar. NIF has filed a patent in his name for the coffee cooker.

10 Most Famous Balancing Rocks Around the World

A balancing rock is a naturally occurring geological formation featuring a large rock or boulder, sometimes of substantial size, resting on other rocks that often look precariously balanced. In reality, these rocks only appear to be balancing but are in fact firmly connected to a base rock by a pedestal or stem. Here are some 10 famous balancing rocks of the world. Take a look...

Balanced Rock, Utah

Balanced Rock is one of the most popular features of Arches National Park, situated in Utah, United States. It is located next to the park's main road, at about 9 miles from the park entrance. The total height of Balanced Rock is about 39 m, with the balancing rock rising 16.75 m above the base. The big rock on top is the size of three school buses. Until recently, Balanced Rock had a companion - a similar, but much smaller balanced rock named "Chip Off The Old Block", which fell during the winter of 1975/1976.

Balanced Rock, Colorado

This balanced rock is located in the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It is easily accessible by paved road and is a popular spot for tourist photography.

Balancing Rock, Digby, Nova Scotia

The Balancing Rock in St. Mary's Bay on Long Island, Nova Scotia seems to defy gravity as it stands on its end at the edge of the rock below. The 9 meter high column of rock is attached by two small sections with a gap between that you can look through.

Idol Rock, Brimham Moor

Many curious rock formations are scattered over 50 acres on Brimham Moor. One of them is the Idol Rock precariously balanced on top of a smaller rock. The rocks eroded by water, glaciation and wind, have taken amazing shapes. Many of the formations suggest all manner of things, including elephants, hippos, bears, and mushrooms.

Mushroom Rock, Kansas

Mushroom Rock State Park, located in the Smoky Hills region of Kansas, is noted for its mushroom rock formations. These rocks were formed through a process of nonuniform erosion and weathering in which a hard mass of Dakota Sandstone resisted erosion while the underlying softer stone weathered away, forming a "mushroom" shape. There are two mushrooms and a giant shoe rock, as well as numerous other rock formations in the park.

Chiremba Balancing Rocks, Zimbabwe

The Chiremba Balancing Rocks is located 13 km southeast of Harare in Epworth. Although strange balancing rocks are found all over Zimbabwe, this particular one became famous after being featured in Zimbabwean currency. The Balancing Rocks have been used as a metaphorical theme to explain the importance of development coupled with preserving the fragile environment of Zimbabwe as similar to that of the Balancing Rocks found in Epworth, Matopos and in other areas. ( Below are some more balancing rocks found in Zimbabwe )

Mexican Hat, Utah

The Mexican Hat rock formation is located on Highway 163, 24 miles west of Bluff, in Utah. The name "Mexican Hat" comes from a curiously sombrero-shaped, 60-foot wide by 12-foot thick rock outcropping on the northeast edge of town.

Devils Marbles, Australia

The Devils Marbles are amongst the most famous Australian rocks, located south of Tennant Creek area of Northern Territory. These huge, red, rounded granite boulders vary in size, from 50 cm up to six meters across, and they are strewn across a large area. Many of them seem impossibly balanced on top of each other.

Kjeragbolten, Norway

Kjeragbolten is a massive 5 cubic meter boulder wedged in to a crevasse on the edge of the Kjerag mountain in Lysefjorden, Norway. The block of stone is suspended 984 meter above the deep abyss. Despite its impressive appearance, it is easily accessible on foot without any special equipment. The whole of Kjerag mountain is a popular hiking area, and Kjeragbolten is a favorite photo spot.

Golden Rock, Burma

The Golden Rock (Kyaik-htiyo or Kyaiktiyo), perched an the top of a cliff near Yangon, is one of the most sacred sites in Burma. According to legend, the Golden Rock itself is precariously perched on a strand of the Buddha's hair. The rock seems to defy gravity, as it perpetually appears to be on the verge of rolling down the hill. At the top of the rock is built a small pagoda and covered with gold leaves pasted on by devotees. A glimpse of the "gravity defying" Golden Rock is believed to be enough of an inspiration for any person to turn to Buddhism.