Wednesday, August 1, 2012

World's 15 Friendliest Countries

Living abroad does not have to lead to homesickness. That’s especially true for people who have relocated to some of these places given below. These are the nations where it’s easiest to befriend locals, learn the local language, integrate into the community and fit into the new culture, according to the results of HSBC’s Expat Explorer Survey, released last month. So, here is the list of top 15 friendliest country in the world where it's easy to fit into the new society. Take a look...

1. New Zealand

2. Australia

3. South Africa

4. Canada

5. United States

6. Turkey

7. United Kingdom

8. Philippines

9. Spain

10. Malaysia

11. Brazil

12. Italy

13. Mexico

14. Singapore

15. France

22 Exotic Cars As Taxi - Really Unusual

Taxi or cabs are one of the essential part of the city transportation system. They provide the service to driving people to their destination. Different country has different design of the taxi or cabs. But there are some rich countries like Dubai who are found of exotic cars have some the luxury and the most expensive cars as taxi. The ultimate purpose is to create a comfortableness for the passengers, to enjoy the first class city trip from one location to another. Customers will enjoying their trip in this luxury cars but they also need to pay high taxi’s fee when compared to the ordinary taxi. Here is a small collection of some exotic cars from different part of the world which are used a s taxi. Take a look...

Audi R8 Taxi

Lamborghini Murcielago Taxi

BMW 745 Taxi

Porsche Cayman Taxi

Mercedes-Benz E class Taxi

Mercedes-Benz 600 Taxi

Mercedes-benz C63 AMG Taxi

Mercedes-Benz E240 Wagon Taxi

Porsche Cayenne Taxi

Bugatti Veyron Taxi

Toyota RAV4 Taxi

Porsche Panamera Taxi

Lexus RX400 Taxi

Volvo SC70 Taxi

Lamborghini Gallardo Taxi

Volvo S80 Taxi

Hummer H2 Taxi

Chrysler 300C Taxi

Maybach Taxi

McLaren SLR Taxi

Ferrari Enzo Taxi

Chevrolet Corvette Taxi

Honda NSX Taxi

Audi A6 Taxi