Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Edible Food Balls By Nir Adar

Nir Adar is a New York based Chef, Food Stylist and an Artist. Before coming to the US to begin this leg of his career, Nir worked as a chef and restaurant consultant, traveling the world following his passion for food.

His artistic vision together with his classic culinary training shaped his unique approach to food styling. He continues to create his art alongside his commercial work. Many of his conceptual pieces have been featured in gallery shows, hung in restaurants, hotels and homes, placed on dozens of magazine covers and have been featured in articles for "Food Arts Magazine”, "The New York Times”, "New York Magazine” and various international publications.

One of Chef Nir Adar’s most famous art works is the on going food balls series, which are spheres formed by various kinds of food that we can easily find in our kitchen. Chef Adar had expressed his passion for the food balls project saying, “it is an exploration of my favourite theme, playing with food.” He explained that the reason why he chose to work on the sphere shape is because he believes that composition is the fundamental of aesthetics. It is more important than colours. A sphere itself is a perfect composition, which has strong visual appeals. Now take a look at some more creative food ball designs by Nir Adar...

50 Awesome collection of Some Funny, Naughty Pictures... - part 17

In this World, there are lot of unknown diseases and lot of medicines to cure them. But there is only one common medicines which is inside each human and that is the Humor. So we bring you a collections of some funny and crazy photos Just to make you laugh...