Monday, August 27, 2012

Dead Tree Sculptures in Galveston Island

Sculptures breathes new life from the dead tree in Galveston Island After the devastating Hurricane Ike...

Hurricane Ike visited Galveston Island with devastating results for the people and infrastructure. 40,000 trees were killed during the storm surge on the island leaving the landscape bare. Galveston Island Tree Conservancy member Donna Leibbert petitioned city hall for permission to have the trees used as sculptures at city hall but the city was not at first in favor, fearing that the sculptor might get hurt and the city would be liable. Eventually, Ms Leibbert was able to gain support for her project and a new tourist attraction was born.

At last Donna Leibbert found chain saw sculptures to create this unusual and creative dead tree sculptures from the dead trees in this historic district. Although many people in the city were heart broken at losing their beloved trees that had been part of the historic district for many years, these dead tree sculptures created a reminder of the horrors of Hurricane Ike now is a charming visual sight in the Galveston Island. If you are visiting Galveston Island, then you will tour the city to see these beautiful works of art. Now, let's take a look at some more photos of this unusual yet a creative dead tree sculpture of Galveston Island.

World's Largest Hydro power Project Opens in China

World's most powerful dam opens in China as gushing water generates the same power as 15 nuclear reactors...

The giant and controversial Three Gorges Dam in China has launched the last of its generators, which experienced its largest flood peak this year, with a peak flow of 70,000 cubic meters of water per second. The final 32 generators went into operation this week, making it the world's largest hydro power project, built on the Yangtze River in the Hubei Province.

It is designed to decrease the risk of flooding during the current peak rainfall season, as well as store and distribute water during the dry periods. The dam is working to take the edge off the fierce flood and reduce its impact on the river's lower reaches by storing at least 26,000 cubic meters of flood water every second, the Yangtze River flood control and drought relief.

Water outflow from the dam currently measures 43,000 cubic meters per second. It's to be noted that the construction of the dam, which forced the relocation of 1.4 million people, has been heavily criticized by experts worldwide, and residents of nearby areas. Here is a series of incredible photos show the sheer force of the flood water released from seven spillways after heavy downpours in the upper reaches of the dam caused the highest flood peak of the year. Take a look...

7 Types of the Most Terrible Bosses

It's commonly known that no matter how much you enjoy performing the functions of your job, it's the co-workers that have the power to make or break the whole experience for you. And it's none other than your boss, director, supervisor or manager who has the greatest sway over your day-to-day experience.

A good boss can make work an absolute pleasure to go to. But bosses are humans like the rest of us, and some of them have glaring flaws. Still, they must be "better" than you in some way to be in a superior position, right? Well? Not always. Now, let's take a closer look at the different type of most horrifying or unpleasant bosses.

7. The Insecure Boss

This one flexes their authoritative muscles just to do it, like a child saying "Look at me, mommy. I hate you!" The insecure boss overcompensates by pretending they have supreme confidence in themselves. They can do no wrong, because that would mean that their inner suspicions about their own incompetence are correct.

6. The Paranoid Boss

Work paranoia can mentally cripple a person. So, guess what happens when your boss thinks their job performance is in question or that they're in jeopardy of being fired? You are the one that feels the brunt of it. Special projects will come up that are meant to show off to their superiors and forget about double checking, you're gonna have to start triple checking. Worst of all, this boss will always have ways to cover their own back, but not yours. So, be very careful.

5. The Boss Who Takes It Out on Everyone Else

Some bosses cannot suffer any injustice, no matter how small, at work without pushing it on his or her employees in some way. Sometimes they'll even bring baggage from their personal lives. Steer clear of this one as much as you possibly can. If that doesn't work, then try buttering them up from time to time with rum cake, hot toddies or penne a la vodka. ( Basically any type of food you can slip alcohol into to calm them down. )

4. The Mood Shift Boss

When in a good mood, this boss may speak to and treat you with respect and maybe even pull their own weight. But this is contingent on how they are being treated or what their workload is like. When something "comes down" from corporate or from their boss, the extra work and stress is passed directly down to you. And hey, isn't that what being a boss is all about?

3. The Boss Who Has Checked Out

Some people just don't give a sweet damn about their job. If the person in question is one that has authority, then this can mean big problems for their lowly underlings. Because you can bet your back that they will do as little work as possible while taking as much credit as possible. So, why should someone who doesn't care get paid more and have a more impressive title than you? Logic's got nothing to do with it.

2. The Bitter Boss

This is the boss that hates the job, hates the company and hates themselves. No one wants to spend time around someone with so much negative energy, let alone be under their tyrannical rule. This person also loves to poison the well, tainting views about other employees, departments and/or the practices of the company itself.

1. The One You Could Do Better Than

Some bosses are good people managers but lack strategy, leadership and skills for success. You may not have any ill-will toward them, but there's always that frustrating envy of knowing that you could achieve goals that they never could. Its a classic exit strategy in the making.