21 Creative Trash Cans and Recycling Bins

Collection of modern recycle bins and creative trash can designs from all over the world.

Bin Bin Wastebasket

Designed by John Brauer, this modern trash bin looks exactly like the contents it is designed to contain, crushed paper.


Barcode Recycle Station

There is one bin for each type of recyclable material. Just scan the item in question and the appropriate bin will open automatically.


Readers Dustbin

Creative trash can designed by Stephan Hauser, useful for people who like to read on the toilet.


Ovetto Recycling Bin

Named after the Italian word for ‘egg’, Ovetto bin offers three separate receptacles to make recycling easier and more organized.


Fabriano Waste Paper Basket

Made entirely of recycled paper, waste basket consist of 50 disposable bags and when the bin is full you just have to extract the bag and throw it away, the layer beneath is ready to collect more paper.


Tri3 Trash Can

Left pedal opens the top can. This can is for general discarding. Middle pedal makes the second can rotate around a decentered axe. This can is for packaging, plastic etc. Right pedal makes the last can move towards the user. The last can is for glass discarding.


Top Hat Trash Can

Unfortunately, this top hat is not a magical item and white rabbit will not appear from it. However, it will make your trash disappear!




With its flexible wire frame, this elegant and very functional waste bin can hold plastic bags of any size.


Star Wars R2-D2 Trash Can

This creative office sized trash can is imported from Japan and is an incredibly detailed replica of R2-D2.


Click Hybrid Trash Bin

Inspired by the aperture/iris action of a camera, Hyejin Lee designed a trash bin that features a button that allows you to open the mouth of the bin to an appropriate size.


Easy Trash Bin

Wooden peg-based trash bin designed by Hung Ming Chen.


Growing Bin

Modern trash bin by Young-min Heo has an adjustable set of concentric rings that expand vertically to accommodate more trash.


Coca-Cola Refresh Recycling Bin

Made entirely from recycled soda and water bottles, this bin is unique because it not only encourages people to recycle, it also showcases the exceptional design potential of recycled plastic.

Touchless Automatic Trash Can

As you know, trashcans are so dirty, nobody likes to touch them. But with the infrared sensor, this ashcan automatically opens as long as you are in a 6 inch range of the sensor. Three seconds after you finished, the lid will slide shut. You can buy it in Amazon for $ 80 dollar.


Crusader’s Great Helm Gothic Trash Bin

Add a medieval touch to your cubicle or office with one of these cool new Crusader’s Great Helm Gothic Trash Bins ($50). These gothic wastebaskets are styled after 12th century great helms, aka helmets, but never touched blacksmith’s hands. They’re cast in quality designer resin and finished in a faux metal for an authentic look.



Expanding Office Bin

This expandable bin ($65) by Front enlarges and contracts based on how much junk you put in it. It hands down the smartest, prettiest wastebasket I’ve ever seen.


Garbage Pin

The Garbage Pin by Portuguese designer Ana Cardim turns your daily bits of trash into jewelry. A metallic silver structure holds a tiny, transparent plastic garbage bag, which once full, can be removed, closed with a wire and kept as an outcome of the experience. The piece is sold as a kit that includes spare plastic bags and wires.


Armstrong Bin

This Sukwon Park & Sungwoo Park design is intended to compress the volume of garbage we produce each day. The name Armstrong Bin derives from the first man who stomped on the moon, just like you are going to stomp on your first garbage. The Armstrong dust bin aims to be the first cleverly named step in reducing the space taken by the garbage we just can’t stop making.


Minus Trash Can

Don’t trick yourself! There’s no cure for smelly food. This pail right here thinks it is hot stuff. It’s called the “Minus” and it’s basically cold hearted. Open the lid, place a banana peel inside, close, click shut, set temp, and press go. Coldness. Do not drop your pop cans in here unless they are all the way empty. It is also probably not a good place for dead animals. The bin was conceptualized by Cem Tutuncuoglu. Straight outta Turkey.


Gold Plated Trash Can

Just before you let your imagination run wild, no, King Midas didn’t touch the trash can. Designed by Sylvie Fleur, it is coated in real gold. There are only 25 pieces worldwide. With a minimum purchase of $15,000, you can place this precious junk at your own house and be very certain that it will remain at the exact spot the next morning. Okay, it won’t make your life easier but how cool is trash made entirely of gold.


Bombproof trash can

A Renew Solutions will secure your rubbish in a smart, sustainable way. London has been taking trash cans off the streets since the 1990’s. now, the streets can be both tidy and secure.